Saturday, October 10, 2009

Timpanogas Temple Day

To the best of my memory and what I can say, here is our endowment story:

We arrived at the Timpanogas Temple at about 2:15 PM. Our appointment timw was 2:30. Our session was at 4:00.
Upon arrival, I just wanted to pause for a second and take it all in- deep breath! I took a picture immediately. Our 1st time ever to be at this temple in any sense. It was beautiful. I snapped a photo on my digital camera and then one on my phone and sent it to Facebook, letting everyone know we had arrived.

It was a nice afternoon. Not too cold for a Fall day. I was nervous, anxious and excited. I just prayed that everyone would be kind and patient with us.

John and I had no idea where the front door was, or where to go. We walked around a bit aimlessly for a few minutes and then I noticed some people coming in and out and we headed that direction.

Once inside, we were again "lost". But I told a friendly temple worker lady that we could use some help. We were pointed in the right direction, temple recommends checked, and on to some final paperwork. A nice male temple worker told my husband to take my hand and said, "Isn't it nice to hold your wife's hand in the temple?" It was awesome and my husband replied, "It's nice to hold her hand anywhere". I added, "But it's extra nice in here." Everything was double checked and we were good to go.

While waiting for us escorts, a kind, sweet temple worker helped me go through my things to make sure I had everything I needed. We noticed something missing, so we went to rent it. A little bit of anxiety there, since I swore I had everything. (When we bought everything in preparation, the lady seemed very careful to make sure we had everything,.. more about that later)

So as we returned to the main waiting area, my husband had disappeared. We sat down and waited a bit and I soon saw our escorts, Sariah and Jake Buntjer. Sariah gave me a very happy hug. This was it. We were on our way. We were told that my husband was already changing. We were lead to the Women's locker room to change.

Once there, my things were once again checked. I had brought 2 pairs of garments (2 different materials), just in case one didn't fit or something. Well a helper separated my stuff and pulled out the first set of garments and set the others aside. I had everything, so we were led to our stalls. I was instructed what to do and I almost felt like I was supposed to undress in front of the lady, because she was standing there with my stall open and telling me what I needed to take off and what I needed to put on. I thought maybe she needed to make sure I did it right, so I started to undress. She sweetly said, "Hold on" and shut my door and then told me I could lock it. Ok, much better, but I felt like kind of a dork.

As I looked at the garments, I realized that the pair she had grabbed were not of "matching" fabrics. I was slightly bummed, but quickly got over it. I was overcome by emotion as I changed. It was an awesome, beautiful feeling, and tears quickly came to my eyes. I was changed and ready, but had to use the potty before we began. I knew that we had a good 1 1/2 hours ahead of us.

My sweet new temple lady friend led me to the bathroom. I again was overcome with tears, and just let it flow. When I came out, she showed me the Bride's dressing room area. I'm not sure if that's really what it was called. She explained that even though I'd been married before, I would be in that room tomorrow (although not at that temple) It was absolutely gorgeous in there! (Today is "tomorrow" and there's no doubt in mind that I will feel like a bride today.

When I saw our family and friends, I was overwhelmed with love and the awesomeness that was about to take place. I was so happy to be reunited with my husband. Sariah was sitting to my left and John came and sat to my right. Jake came in and sat by Sariah. The cute older temple guy said, "Wouldn't you like to sit by your sweetheart?" and motioned over towards me. Jake said, "I am sitting by my sweetheart." We all kind of softly giggled.

John was more than happy to see me again and we held hands as we went into another room. There was something extra beautiful in his eyes and face and he held my hand with so much love.

I had some issues with some articles of clothing and that's all I can say. They just weren't being cooperative.
My mom sat on my right in this room and Sariah was again on my left. They were great helpers. I held my mom's hand for the first 5-10 minutes. How grateful I was to have her by my side and I know she was so happy to be there with me. She was so beautiful in her temple dress and her hair was curled so pretty.
By the way, I can't stop crying as I type all this.

I want to remember who was there, because I would feel so sad to forget. So here's the list:

Sariah and Jake Buntjer- our dear, close friends who have helped us so much in getting to this point. We truly adore them and are so thankful to have such good friends and examples in our lives. It's also great that we love them both. It's so great when you are friends with the husband and the wife or the other way around. It's not so fun when you like someone but you just don't care for their spouse.

Next, my 3 mom's. :) My own mom, Connie, John's mom, (who became very good friends with my mom) Wendy, and my step mom, Kathie. All loving and wonderful in their own way. How lucky am I to have 3 moms? Some people don't even have 1 or they may not have one that is temple worty. I have 3!

Our awesome Bishop was there, Logan Freeman. He's also been great in getting us to this point.

We can't forget my favorite missionary, Elder Eccles. I know I shouldn't pick favorites, but we went through a lot of missionaries and he was the sweetest and most sincere. I was so happy that we had chosen to go to the Timpanogas temple so he could be there. His companion was of course there with him, but I don't believe I was told his name. Either way he seemed nice.

At the last part, John's aunt and uncle were there, Cheryl and Eugene Carbine. That was a nice surprise. They would have been there earlier, but they were told the wrong time. :(

At one point I literally felt like I had walked into heaven. I was once again overcome by such a beautiful experience.

It was a lot for one day and I just kept thinking "Wow, we're really here, this is really happening."

We went to Cafe Rio afterwards with Jake and Sariah. That was fun. We'd never gone out with them before. It was also great to be at the temple with them. Very cool.

I must go now as I prepare myself and our children for our sealing. I feel so special to be able to experience two beautiful temple days at two different temples. Today will be a wonderful family memory for us.


  1. Congratulations and thank you for the small reminder of what a wonderful day we had just a few months ago.

  2. Thank you and you're welcome. I was exhausted last night and will work on blogging about the sealing day later...

  3. Oh, what a special day! And believe me, some of those things you had happen are not uncommon! I have "problems" every time! But that's a story for later! Thank you again for letting us be at the sealing. It was such a wonderful experience. And good job for keeping a record here!

  4. I can't believe I had so much to say, especially figuring I couldn't go into detail about what actually happened. Just wait till you hear what happened on our sealing day. I'm STILL working on getting it all together for that entry. It was a true joy to have you there! I need to start printing out my entries and work on a book or something. I want to make sure I have it all down for others to read who may not be internet savvy.


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