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I'm constantly asked about surrogacy. Knowledge is power! I would be more than happy to personally help you with any questions you may have regarding surrogacy or at least point you in the right direction. I would also love to help you find a match.

I now have a site dedicated to helping people with surrogacy. Please visit me at: 
Once Upon a Surrogate *Stork Services* (still in the works)

I co-own a surrogacy agency, Delivering Dreams Surrogacy, LLC.

I am an experienced surrogate. I have been in the surrogacy community since 2005. I have been designing t-shirts and other merchandise for intended parents, surrogates and the children of both, since 2005. I wrote and published a children's book about surrogacy in 2010. Once Upon a Surrogate: The Stork's Helpers
I'm working on a 2nd.

I know lots of wonderful surrogates and intended parents. I also know a good amount of fertility doctors/clinics, lawyers, etc. As a surrogate, I have been with 3 different agencies and 3 different fertility clinics. I also happen to know a wonderful Utah clinic that I was screened at last summer. So, I personally know 4 wonderful fertility centers and doctors.

If you are new to surrogacy, I highly recommend that you do some research and know upfront what you are getting into. It's not like it is on t.v., it's not like it is in the movies. It's better! It's also more involved. It's not something you jump into. It can be an amazingly awesome experience and journey if you know the facts and if you know what to expect.

There is some confusion about surrogacy in Utah. Let me clarify by saying YES, it is legal. Yes, you can do surrogacy in Utah. It has been legal since 2005.

I co-own the first and only surrogacy agency in Utah. Website and info above.

If you are an Intended Parent looking for a surrogate or if you are a surrogate looking for Intended Parents, feel free to contact me. I get e-mails from both sides and I would love to help you find each other. I also know of some wonderful agencies that could help you as well. I can also help you find a lawyer. I'm not limited to matching in Utah either. Contact me
Please be sure to include "surrogacy" in the subject line.

Here are my favorite surrogacy sites where you can find other great surrogates and intended parents to chat with and learn from:

http://www.allaboutsurrogacy.com/  (Great community, environment to ask questions and get answers with other Surrogates and Intended Parents)

There is also www.surromomsonline.com

Some prefer one over the other.

Here is a great link with all sorts of resources and helpful information: http://www.information-on-surrogacy.com/index.html

  • If you are looking for a fertility clinic in Utah, please check out Utah Fertility Center. They have Intended Parents who are looking to be matched with wonderful surrogates. Let them know I sent you. 

Any other questions e-mail me.

Jill/Mormon Surrogate

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