Saturday, November 30, 2013

A New Journey #Surrogacy

I have talked to many great couples the past 2 weeks. A few have been interested in moving forward. However, sometimes life gets in the way or the couple just isn't quite ready or something just doesn't click. 

It came down to choosing between two couples, which honestly made my heart ache. It really sucks to choose one couple over another and have to let the other couple down. It wasn't an easy decision. I didn't know what would be the determining factor. I hoped for some sort of sign.

As I talked to my husband about both couples Wednesday night, he fell asleep on me. I should have known better, we were already in bed. He falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow. 

But that's okay, because we had a 45 minute drive to Thanksgiving breakfast early Thursday morning. He was all ears. As I started talking to him I felt like I was starting to lean towards one couple.

After breakfast, I was chatting with my step sister in law who has struggled with infertility. She had asked what was going on in my surrogacy life so I told her about the two couples. She was just the perspective I needed. Again, it wasn't an easy decision, but I felt like I knew which couple to choose. 

I decided to send a video to the couple to let them know of my decision Thursday night. (Thanksgiving)

I hope they don't mind me sharing.

Then I had to break the news to the other couple.

And then I waited for a reply and started getting nervous. What if they changed their minds? What if________? 
I put myself out there, even though they had already shown interest. What if I was rejected?

But then I got a cute, sweet ecstatic email back and I felt good about my decision. 

We're still in the very early stages and they want to meet me in person. But so far, I think everything is lining up nicely. 

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday #Surrogacy Books Giveaway and Sale


The Baby Chase plus Once Upon A Surrogate: The Stork's Helpers.

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I have 2 surrogacy books up for grabs-

The Baby Chase by Leslie Morgan Steiner

Book Description

 November 5, 2013
From the New York Times bestselling author of Crazy Love comes a riveting new narrative about surrogate pregnancy from both sides of the equation—the parents and the gestational carrier.Once considered a desperate, even morally suspect option, surrogacy is now sweeping headlines, transforming the lives of celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman and Elton John, and changing the face of the American family. But how much do we really know about it? And is it really as easy and accessible – emotionally, financially, legally and physically – as magazines make it out to be? We often hear about successful outcomes, but little about the journey – about the precious hope that starts it all, the ups and downs of finding a surrogate, the heartache and obstacles, the risks and expenses at every step, or the unbelievable joy when years of determination pay off. In The Baby Chase, acclaimed writer Leslie Morgan Steiner weaves three stories together — of a nurse, a firefighter, and the Indian gestational carriers and doctors who helped them — to provide one intensely personal look at what makes surrogacy so controversial, fascinating, and in some cases, the only ray of hope for today's infertile parents-to-be.

Rhonda Wile and her husband Gerry struggled for years with infertility. With perseverance that shocked everyone around them, they tried every procedure and option available – unsuccessfully – until they finally decided to hire a surrogate. While surrogacy was being touted as a miracle for hopeful parents, for Rhonda and Gerry, it seemed an impossible and unaffordable dream. Until they came across the beaming smile of a beautiful Indian woman on the internet… and, within a few short months, embarked on a journey that would take them deep into the emerging world of Indian carriers, international medical tourism, and the global surrogacy community.

Moving, page-turning, and meticulously researched, this complex human story is paired with an examination of the issues—religious, legal, medical and emotional—that shapes surrogacy as a solution both imperfect and life-changing.
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Once Upon a Surrogate: The Stork's Helpers by Jill Hancock Reeder (aka ME)

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Have you ever wondered what is like to be a surrogate mom? Jill Hancock Reeder describes what it is like to be a “helper”- a stork if you will in children’s terms. Jill has been a surrogate before. She knows what it is like. Illustrations for the book are created by none other than her own children! It is simply beautiful!

If you or your children have ever wondered what is like to be a surrogate, I would highly recommend this book. You can catch a small glimpse of what it is like to be an incubator to someone who can’t have any children of their own. You can teach your children there is more than one way to have children.
And if you yourself are struggling to have children perhaps surrogacy might be the answer for you!

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Thankful Vlog

A Thankful Thanksgiving Vlog for you!

I'm kinda shy and quiet sometimes. I had a heckuva time uploading this, but hooray for actually posting it ON Thanksgiving! Better late than never.

I forgot to mention I am thankful for music! It brings me so much joy.
Especially the Beatles.

Anyone up for sending me a video reply of what you're thankful for?

Friday, November 22, 2013

#Surrogacy Interview Last Weekend

I am always flattered when asked to do an interview about surrogacy. I don't accept all offers though. I am pretty picky with who I'll talk to and what their focus is.

No matter what though, I like to do what I can to shine a positive light on surrogacy, to share an honest, positive perspective. I felt that this was one of those opportunities.

Liz actually flew in from New York to interview me in person last weekend. I was a bit more nervous than usual because this was my first in person interview. I decided I wasn't even going to "study" or rehearse. I was just going to be my open and honest self. (I'm always open and honest, but I usually like to prepare myself for the harder questions that might come up)

We met at Starbucks and I brought along my husband for support. (And quite honestly because I was meeting a stranger) My 16 year old son was also with us. I felt like I may as well involve my family since they are involved with the surrogacy journeys right along with me. I also wanted my girls to be there, because I figured the topic of my book might come up and they are my illustrators. I also wanted to give Liz a signed copy of my book and they usually sign as well.

My girls had spent the night with my mom, so she brought them a little after the interview had started. My husband and my mom both chimed in and had things to add. I think my husband may have said too much on some topics. It was nice to hear my mom being so supportive of surrogacy. (Not that I doubted her) I was happy to really see just how much my family supports me.

I think the interview went well. Liz was fun and easy to talk to. She asked a range of questions and has been reaching out to military wives who are surrogates. My first few journeys were as a Navy wife. My first surrobaby was born in a Navy Hospital. John got out of the Navy when I was barely pregnant with my Surrotwins.

For me personally, I think being a military wife in a way prepared me to be a surrogate. I knew plenty about sacrifice. I was stronger because I was a military wife. It made me a better person, a better version of myself and so did surrogacy. I think everything happens for a reason and I think one thing has certainly led to another in my life.

To read Liz's post about the interview, go here-

And learn more about Liz and her project here-

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What happened after the 3rd transfer?

Hello. I have been MIA on here. It's just too darn easy to update on my FB blog page.

I apologize. I haven't updated on here what happened after the 3rd transfer with my awesome couple. I didn't even blog about the transfer itself which was amazing really. We had everything stacked in our favor. We even did acupuncture which was awesome and helped me obtain a super thick, comfy cozy uterus. I did the whole pineapple thing before and after. Colored my hair purple and green for good luck, painted my nails to match, made us all new t-shirts, etc.  I felt extra close to my couple the 3rd round and we all felt really good about it. Only 1 of the 2 remaining embryos survived the thaw.

I of course took a "few" pregnancy tests at home which were all positive.

The beta was positive but low, so we played that game for a little bit.

I figured I'd get raw and real and Vlog about what happened.

P.S. I wish nothing but the best for them and can only imagine how they are feeling. My heart aches for them.