Thursday, October 8, 2009

Not your average gumball

I'm the kind of mom who keeps gum in her person. ( mean purse lol)  Mainly for myself, sometimes for the children.

I went to grab some last night and noticed my mint flavored gum was gone. I shrugged it off thinking maybe it fell out or the kids ate it all in one day. (had at least 6 pieces left)

This morning I'm taking clothes out of the dryer.... Oh what's this? A note that's gone through the washer and dryer? Oh, it's my Trident wrapper inside out... interesting. Well that sucks, right? I guess Jeremy took my gum and put it in his pocket. I usually pat down clothes pretty good. However the kids are always complaining about having no clothes to wear.. so I was in a hurry to wash everyone's jeans.

Then I notice a little green ball. Odd. On closer observation, it's a semi-hard formed gum ball. (ball of gum) I guess it was formed in the dryer. Well it could have been worse.. so I pick out a few pieces of gum wrappers and then notice 2 splotches of green gum STUCK on 2 parts of the dryer drum. Not too cool. So I know need to research how to safely remove it so I can finish my laundry.


Well I did scrape most of it off with a Pampered Chef Food Scraper Thingy. Now, I have to remove the residue without running the risk of starting a dryer fire next time I run the dryer...

Off to try:

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