Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Temples- well are you surprised?

So I've always enjoyed being able to see a temple here and there. Growing up in Utah, I think I took it for granted. I could see the Jordan River temple very close to our home. From about 2002-2005 I actually lived pretty much down the street from that particular temple. Coincidence? HMMM, I think not! It was always so nice to drive by as we were on our way somewhere. I would always tell the kids.. look there's the temple. They were young and would oooh and ahhh! It was comforting and peaceful.

We lived in San Diego twice and I always loved it when we'd pass the San Diego temple on the freeway. John says he doesn't care for that temple. 1- he doesn't care for CALIFORNIA!!!! 2- he thinks it looks medieval, he would expect to see Gargoyles on it or something.

So, I've written earlier about our experience with the Draper Temple Open House. Our family actually got to go in it. I had done baptisms for the dead when I was younger.. at the Jordan River temple I believe. Anyway, this was the first time our family had all been in a temple together. (first time for kids ever, not sure about John)
Very peaceful, comforting.

We happened to be driving out west one day and noticed that they were building a new temple. We were somewhere on Bangerter Highway when we noticed it. I think around the same time, we had heard of it being built. That was cool to see. since then we have passed it a few times and it's been a comfort. One day I snapped a shot of it.. while looking back as we passed by. I think it's one of my favorite pictures. I am talking about the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, the one we will be getting sealed in.

So now, as we get closer, the past few months I've been pointing out the temples more and more to the kids. We drive by the Draper one a lot! We see the Jordan River often as well. John and I spent the night nearby the SLC Temple for our anniversary recently and had the peaceful experience of spending the next day actually walking around the SLC temple. So much peace and beauty! I was consumed. We talked to two sets of female missionaries there. One sister missionary was so emotionally touched when she heard that we'd be going through the temple as a family in October. I wish I had taken a picture of her. I will have to go back and find her... John took a picture of me with the 1st set of missionaries that approached us. Speaking of missionaries, one of the many missionaries we went through discussions with to baptize the kids, will be going to the temple with us. He got special permission as long as we went through the Timpanogas Temple. So we will be doing our endowments there.

I guess I have a new-found obsession of sorts with temples? I find myself taking pictures as often as I can.

Yesterday I took Jeremy and Tristan to take pictures of the Oquirrh Mountain temple. I want to have a photo cake made with the temple on it. We were on a quest. I had Jeremy get me some batteries for the camera.

As we got nearer, I asked Tristan to take a picture of the temple in the distance. She got the camera ready but it quickly turned itself off, she said the battery was showing red and empty. I guess the batteries Jeremy grabbed were used. I was filled with anxiety. We were so close... I didn't want to back-track too far to find a store. We were near a little strip mall.. but mostly little food shops and a UPS store and credit union. I decided it wouldn't hurt to try the UPS store.. no luck. So I decided we'd just continue on to the temple and hopefully find something along the way. Around the corner was a gas station. I thought I had remembered seeing batteries at gas stations before. We went in and searched... but found nothing. Then, as we were about to give up, I noticed them behind the counter. Phew! I knew they would not be cheap. I spent $5.14 on a 4 pack of batteries, but I knew it was worth it to be able to take pictures of the temple. I'm hoping that they are high quality batteries that will last at least until this Saturday, our special day at the temple.

Since it was a Monday, no one was at the temple, so I felt we could take our time and drive around and get pictures on all sides. Tristan helped take a few pictures. We then drove to the Jordan River temple and took pictures there as well. Although, there were many trees in the parking lot that hid the temple and then there was an ugly brown truck parked right up front. I was frustrated, but we did our best taking pictures there.

In all my ramblings, did I mention that the whole purpose of temple picture taking day was so I could get a picture to make a photo cake for our party celebration? (Scratching head... and not wanting to thoroughly re-read my post)

Well, I have that picture.. with thanks to my dad for helping me fine-tune it! :)


  1. It's funny, we are very similar as I read through a few of your posts. I never had a tongue piercing or tattoo but everything else is very close.

    I love this post. Me and Duke have been married 16 years and last July, we finally went through the temple to toake out our endowments and be sealed to our boys. It was amazing and it took us a long time to get there. We also went to Timpanogus Temple!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Very cool. You are probably a little bit more outspoken than me.. except around family I can be like that! :) I get VERY comfortable around family.. and close friends. My husband is outspoken to just about everyone. He brought me out of my shell a bit.

    That is very cool that you went through the same temple last year. I feel kind of boring right now talking so much about temples and such, but it's a huge focal point in our lives right now.

    I need to start writing more about my kids and the crazy things they say and do.

    It's very inspiring to see other's blogs and what they blog about.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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