Friday, October 30, 2009

Scary stuff

We went to the absolute coolest Halloween event last night. Check it out;

It totally exceeded our expectations. We hadn't been to a haunted house and we were afraid we wouldn't be able to go to any because of time and money. Then my sister told me about the Nightmare Express. We had some time last night so we thought we'd check it out. We were so impressed and amazed. It was bigger than we expected, it was well ran, well organized, well spooked-out. It was just right on the scare level. I jumped quite a few times, but it didn't scare my 5 year old to tears. At one point I asked if she was having fun and she said "Yes, mom. This is the bestest day EVER!"

You start out by going through a spook alley, which was cool. You wind around and there's a waiting room basically with a projector showing all kinds of monster heads. They keep you entertained the whole way. It was a bit crowded, so we waited about an hour before it was our turn to ride the train. You move through the backyards of 2 houses I believe. At one point you wait in a garage and get to watch a movie. I don't know if it's always the same, but we watched part of Nightmare Before Christmas. After that, you wait in another outdoor room while being entertained by lights and a story. Then you ride the train and get to see even more cool stuff. This was all FREE and it was better than places you would pay to go. They do accept donations, and I think most people are very willing to donate. We had a great time and could not walk away without donating. We will be back next year and can't wait to check out their Christmas train ride. 10 thumbs up from our family!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

3 temples in 3 weeks and more about my FAVORITE missionary...

There's been some stress and anxiety around here the last week or so. I desperately needed to go to the temple and Soon! Our favorite missionary was leaving and he invited us to go through the SLC temple with him yesterday. John was actually able to get the day off to go. I had invited my mom as well. We had been wanting to go to the SLC temple, so we were excited to have the opportunity to go. And what a good reason to see our missionary friend once again in the temple. His sister is here going to BYU, so we got to meet her in the temple. We also saw another missionary that had spent some time with our little family, so that was cool. I think he was a bit surprised to see John and I in the temple so soon... It was so great to spend the day at such a beautiful temple and I needed the peace that comes with being there. If it wasn't so dang cold yesterday, I would have taken pictures of us outside the temple.. John was also not feeling well, so I forgot anyway that I wanted to take pics outside the SLC temple. Oh well.

So that is 3 temples in 3 weeks... First the Timpanogas Temple for our endowments, then the Oquirrh Mtn Temple for our sealing, and then yesterday the Salt Lake Temple. I was so happy we were able to go back to a temple so soon. And I'm so glad John was there with me and of course my mom too. I just didn't think John would be able to go with me much, since he works all the time and even on the weekends lately.

Later that evening we were inited to a missionary fireside. We were running a few minutes late and then got lost, so missed our favorite missionary's testimony. :( We also missed a place to sit... so we patiently waited in the foyer. I really didn't want to hug him goodbye... I didn't want it to be final, I didn't want him to go. I was going to miss him! We got to hang out with him and his 2 sisters.. he has another one here going to BYU, how cool is that? It was good to see him one last time and say goodbye, but I have to admit, I cried on the way home.

We love you Elder Eccles!!! Thank you for everything.. and thank you for sharing some awesome memories with us!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall and family

I like Fall. I like the cooler weather. Not looking forward to the freezing cold that is around the corner. Kind of exciting that it started snowing today... but not ready for that! I don't really mind snowy/rainy days as long as I'm not out and about in it... which I'm usually not.

But the point of all my rambling? I can't believe next week is November already. I can't believe this Sunday will be November 1st. I'm already looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. What is better than great food and family? I'm still in the "younger" generation group, so Thanksgiving isn't stressful for me, because I am just in charge of bringing a side dish and/or dessert. So it is rather enjoyable for me. Thanksgiving is spent 80% of the time with John's family. That's just how it's worked out. They are usually our only invite. I'm not complaining... it's good food and good people. My mom usually joins us. My mom and John's mom are friends. (they became friends after we got married) It's kind of weird, but soooo cool!

I'm a dork, that's not our only invite... we are also included in my Stepmom, Kathie's thanksgiving plans. Also good food and people!! Why did I forget to mention that? Hmmm.... getting old? We have been doing the 2 Thanksgiving dinners for a few years now. John's family Thanksgiving is usually around 2:oo PM at a church. We usually catch up with my Kathie's family around 6:30 or so. So grateful to be included and treated like part of the family. Great, great people!!!

Christmas we are all over the place... with John's parents, my Mom and my Dad and Stepmom. We have to split it all up. But I am blessed to have such a big, loving family. That includes everyone- extended family, inlaws, etc. Not a bad bunch!

What about you? Who do you spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with? Do you travel? Stay around town?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween already? Among other ramblings...

How on earth can it be time for Halloween already? I mean this weekend, seriously? I don't even know if I'm going to dress up or what I would dress up as. Hmmmm... I'm excited. Fall is a great time.. and Halloween is so fun. Plus... CANDY... YUM! John goes all out on Halloween dressing up and all that. I think he's going to be helping our friend with a haunted house. What sucks is that John has to work on Halloween, and I don't know what time he'll get off. The festivities around here start at 5:00 or 5:30. I'm hoping he can get off by 2:00 or 3:00.

John has been working overtime lately which is so bittersweet. We need the money YES! But it's hard when he got out of the Navy to spend more time with us. That is hard to do when he works Monday-Saturday till about 6:00 PM, comes home filthy so there's 1/2 an hour to shower. I guess I should be grateful we at least can eat dinner together and I'm certainly thankful I get to sleep next to him each night. I am just feeling like I saw him more when he was in the Navy. (only because he would fly home Friday and we'd have the weekend to run around together) I really should stop complaining.... but not yet. He usually only has to work Mon-Thurs and that's been awesome, but like I said, we needed the extra money. A Friday here, a Saturday there is great. Yes, he gets overtime if it lines up right. Well anyay, so last week he was supposed to work Friday and Saturday.. but he had his kidney infection pain.. and then the antibiotics would knock him out.. so he couldn't work!

So he was home, but sick.. and the kids were sick and I wasn't feeling so good myself. Then this past weekend he had to work Friday and Saturday.. I feel like we need a date night so bad! We were able to sneak in a family dinner with the kids Saturday. He got home at a decent time, went home, showered, picked up little Jessie from his mom's and met us at Chili's. It was nice, but then it's bed time, we have a 45 minute drive home.. and then we're all exhausted and have to get up for church the next day.

Really I'm being a whiner, because church isn't until 1:00 PM. Plenty of time right? Not when you're exhausted and have 3 kids to get ready and had a rough week. While we were at Chili's my favorite missionary called. Him and his companion were at our house to visit. Aw man... :( I felt bad we weren't home. He said he was leaving to go HOME on Tuesday (or at least that was his last day being a missionary here) and wanted to say goodbye. I asked if they could come over the next day (sunday-yesterday) He said they could do 2:00, but I said we'd be in church. He said something like what do you want to go to church for? LOL... we decided they could come at 10:00 AM before church. So we had to get up earlier than usual... and it was well worth it. He's just a great guy and a wonderful missionary. I really hope we can stay in touch. He told us he loved us and we got to hug him and say goodbye. We definitely LOVE him too! We might be going to a fireside Wednesday night to see him one last time. That would be awesome. He is so genuine. Some missionaries are so monotone and you just feel like they're going through the motions. I could see the truth shining in this guy. No denying that. Everything he shared with us was heartfelt and pure.

Since John and I had both had a long, rough week... we only went to sacrament meeting. We came home and relaxed for a bit and then had dinner. Our home teachers came over and we had a nice time with them. (one was a fill in.. and he's a great/funny guy) John was really not feeling like having them over.. but I think those are the times you need them the most. Once they came, he didn't seem to mind at all, and we laughed and joked and then had a nice little lesson and it was all good.

Shortly after John was ordained an Elder, we had our last temple lesson at the Buntjers. We talked a little about the priesthood and blessings. Both of the girls wanted a blessing right then and there. It was awesome. I think Jeremy got a blessing later that night at home. I was going to get one later as well. However, it didn't happen. So I hope it would happen sometime before we went to the temple, but it didn't. Well yesterday I really felt like I needed one. I always have been a huge fan of priesthood blessings. I've been amazed so many times by the power felt and the personal things said. I never thought I'd have a husband that could give me such a blessing. What a cool feeling that he could help me in such a personal/powerful way in our own home when I needed it. I didn't have to call someone else and hope they could come as soon as I wanted. I think he's struggled a bit with giving blessings. They are stil new and a bit foreign to him. I don't know if he knows how to feel the spirit and let it guide him. He's not sure if his mind can shut off long enough to listen to anything but the voices in his head. (ha ha not really.. but he has ADHD, so he's alwyas got something going on in his mind)
Well it was finally time for my blessing. He seemed a bit nervous, almost shy, which is so unlike him. But I understand, this is all still new to us, praying in front of each other.. it's getting easier and less awkward, but it will take some time. However, he did what he needed to get ready and he totally redeemed himself. It was so amazing to connect like that between Heavenly Father, John and me. He knew just what to say, just what I needed to hear. I'm so proud and grateful that he is my husband and that he's become such an honorable man.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Not much to say. I'm back to my boring life. Nothing to look forward to. I mean for awhile, we had the temple to look forward to. Not much going on around here.

I'm worn out taking care of kids and husbands. First Johnny got a kidney infection, we found out last Thursday. He kept us both up all night that night in pain. I was ready to take him to the hospital.. but he said he didn't need to go.. It did ease up, so I was glad we didn't have to pay the $100 ER copay. Since then I swear our daughter TJ had swine flu. You could just see it in her eyes that she was sick. All the symptoms fit. I've felt yuccy myself and then JJ was feeling a lot of stomach pain, and felt like he was pretty much going to die. (He is our drama king) I never know how serious I should take him. I know to him, he thinks it's THAT bad! But if I were to take him to the Dr. or the hospital every time he felt THAT bad.. they would probably change addresses and not let us know where they moved to.
Also little JW had a nasty headache for a few days. I think it lasted the extra 2 days because she liked the berry flavored motrin.

So I've been exhausted taking care of everyone... I feel so BLAH! I don't want to do ANYTHING! I guess I've been a bit sick myself.. I just hate those days where you get nothing done...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Important announcement from Jessica (my 5 year old daughter)

I was telling her that I was going to look up if Tristan had swine flu. She said "Who would go to" Tristan is her sister.. I said, "probably someone silly like you." She then said, "Who would go to" She answers her own question: "Probably someone who wanted to know the alphabet." She adds in a silly voice,"Um if you don't know the alphabet, then you can just go to:".... LMBO!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Temple Sealing Part 3

Where was I? We walked into the sealing room I felt a bit on display as all eyes were on us and it all became so real. We were told to sit down on the couch and that I would sit on John's right. Well John and I didn't see the couch. We scanned the room up and down, left to right. Where was the couch? Maybe I couldn't see it through my blurry eyes? We saw the altar...with cushions.. did he mean that? Someone, I really don't remember who, pointed us in the right direction. How did we miss that? It was right there to the right when you first walk in. A little giggle from John and I as we sat down. I couldn't believe this was really happening.

I was filled with peace and love as I saw our support group of family and friends. I also was filled with a few more tears. Our support group shall be named in no particular order.

Dave Poulsen- Our next door neighbor from our West Jordan house. I was thrilled that he came. I hadn't seen him in at least 4 years. I had mailed them an invitation, hoping they would come. Not sure where his wife was though.

Friends from the ward:
Sariah and Jake Buntjer
Jenn and David Diaz
Stace and Kirk Dalton
Kim and Adam Heaton
Shauna and Mike Kemp
Brett Olsen
Angela Merrick
Bishop Logan Freeman and Daina Freeman

My Family:
My mom Connie. My mom sat to my right.
Grandma and Grandpa, Janeal and Glenn Hancock
Aunt and Uncle, Carla and Don Campbell
Aunt and Uncle Linda and Jon Meier
Stepmom, Kathie Hancock
Stepbrother and his lovely wife, Mac and Shannon Bludworth

John's Family:
John's mom, Wendy Reeder. She sat to his left.
John's dad, Tom Reeder. He was one of our witnesses. He had broken his hip about a week before and we heard last minute he was going to be there. He was brought from the hospital and was in a wheelchair. They took him back to the hospital right after the sealing.
John's Aunt and Uncle, Cheryl and Eugene Carbine
John's cousin and wife, Eldon and Sharla Carbine

Close friends of family that have become close friends of ours:
Tom and Penny Gwilliam and their son Brandon Gwilliam
Charles and Zella Dahlquist
Gene and April Goodrich

My friend from school:
Michell O'Ryan Egbert and her husband

I didn't know what to expect. It was like a heavenly marriage ceremony. Very cool! We found out later that the sealer was John's uncle's mission companion from 45 years ago. What are the odds? And they had just met up a week before after 45 years for a missionary reunion.

So John and I were basically married and sealed to each other and then the sealer said something like, "Doesn't it feel wonderful? But something's missing." John said something like, "Yeah 3 little ones." Then the little angels were brought in. You could feel their excitement in the air. John and I were kneeling across the altar from each other and the kids were put on all sides of us. Jessie put her little hand on mine and smiled up at me angelically. We were then sealed as a family for all eternity. We were told to line up in front of the mirror to see for ourselves our forever family. Very powerful. I'm sure we will never forget that image.

I think tears were falling about every 5 minutes. Happy, joyful, spiritual tears. I'm talking about mine, but I know there were others joining me in a crying session here and there. We were lined up, our little family, just like at a wedding reception. Our friends and family came by to congratulate us. Lot's of hugs and kisses and happy happy tears. I reached down to hug Tom in his wheelchair and asked him how he was feeling. He said, "I'm so proud of you. You look so beautiful." I later found out he was in a lot of pain.

Our guests departed and John and I were alone in the hall for a moment. What a great time to reflect and feel such love and peace together. I was hoping we would go back into the celestial room with our guests, but they weren't in their temple clothes. I didn't know you had to request that. I just assumed they would all be in white. :(

I also thought we'd all be able to go out and take pictures as a family in white. Not in our temple clothes. I was a bit bummed.

John and I were led back to change. It was a very cool feeling as we walked hand in hand up the hall and down the stairs. We saw my uncle Don as we walked down the stairs. He was watching us walk down. The temple matron pointed me to the Men's locker room thinking it was the women's. Luckily we were told it was the Men's before we went in there.

Around the same time I met back up with my mom and she helped me change. I was told that John was still changing and we were going to pick up the kids together. We waited and waited and I couldn't believe he was taking so long. About 7 minutes later, my mom came to find me. Everyone was waiting outside for me so we could take pictures. John had already picked up the kids and they were waiting for me. Again kind of bummed.

It was getting cold, so we tried to hurry with the picture taking. We had fun though and even got a big group photo of everyone there. (that hadn't already left)

We had 3 photographers, my dad, Jake, and my uncle Don. We felt pretty special having our own little paparazzi. We didn't know which camera to look at. I can't wait to see all the pictures.

Next...... the reception.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sealing Day Part 2

The temple matron led my mom and I upstairs to the beautifully exquisite Bride's Room and dressing area. I had a nice little dressing room to put my clothes and belongings in and I was told I could change in the Bride's room if I wanted. My mom said, "Yes, you'll want to do that." I was told to put on my slip and was give a silky white robe to slip on, then we headed to the Bride's room.

I felt so lucky and grateful to have my mom there with me. I felt like the most beautiful bride as she helped me get ready. She painted my nails a very sheer sparkly pink. She took out my hoop earrings and put in my new pearl earrings and put on my new pearl necklace. She put her bracelet on me. She helped me put on my dress and everything else.

We talked about my grandma and the item she had made that I got to wear. That was so special to me. My mom told me that when my grandma died, she was buried in her temple dress. I don't think I knew that. I thought that was really cool and thought to myself, "I want to be buried in my temple dress."

I was told to look in the mirror. I felt like an angelic bride! I was so happy that my mom could have shared those moments with me. I was glad that I still had my mom around and that she was temple worthy.

I brought my makeup but decided against adding eyeliner or eyeshadow. I already had mascara on and decided I just wanted some shiny lip gloss. It was the perfect subtle final touch to make me feel like an angel.

We were led out through the locker rooms to receive instruction and reunite with my husband.

On our way out, my mom and I stopped at the bathrooms. I took this alone time to pray for my husband's heart to be softened so that we could enjoy this special day.

After a few minutes of instruction, my mom was led to be with the guests and I was taken with 3 other brides to wait for our husbands. After a few minutes, some of the temple workers were worried that we ould miss our 4:00 sealing time. What was taking these men so long? One of the temple ladies told me that the temple president was telling the guys that they better be nice to their wives or they'd be in big trouble. I told her I was glad to hear that.

A few more minutes and out came the men. I was sitting down and John didn't see me right away. I stood up, he took my hand and we were led up the stairs to wait. I still didn't know if he was in a bad mood and my heart sank a little.

We waited in the celestial room with some other couples. We sat down and held hands and John told me he was very excited. I cried, because I was a mix of emotions. I was very happy to hear that he was excited and happy.

It was finally time for us to go to the sealing room. I felt like a Queen with her King as we walked in the room. All bad feelings were gone. I did feel a little "on display." That's just me though. It was like, Wow this is really happening and all these people are here for us.

The longest post ever- Our Temple Sealing

I should probably break this in to parts, because this will be one heckuva long post. Funny it didn't say I spelled heckuva wrong lol.

Note: No sugar coating here, we do not live in a perfect world, even as we head to the temple.


We were all excited to start our day. It felt like my wedding day. I got myself and the girls in the shower. We needed enough time to curl all the girls’ hair, including myself. Tristan and I were done with our showers and Jessica was taking her sweet time. I told her it was time to get out so John (daddy) would have enough hot water for his shower. Too late.

That’s how our day began, with John upset. He was upset that I would let the girls shower in our bathroom and that because they play around in there, they used all the hot water. Well obviously I didn’t do it on purpose and I let him know I had told her to get out and didn’t realize it was too late.

I hate that feeling, when he’s mad at me. I’m more patient and understanding and just kind of go with the flow. Things happen, things go wrong, and it doesn’t help to be upset over it. Nothing can be done at the moment, let it go. But he didn’t let it go. I gave him a hug, told him I was sorry, but I could feel his resentment.

He just went on about how I shouldn’t have let them shower in there, etc. I had done all I could and I had to finish getting myself and the girls ready.

Because I had to rent something at the temple on Friday, I was short an item on Saturday, and there were no rental facilities at the Oquirrh Mountain temple, which is where we were headed. We thought of going into town a bit early to pick up the item along with some extra garments. But I felt like we just didn’t have the time.

I called my mom to see if she could help out. She was willing to help. She then called me back a few minutes later and told me she would pick up the item for me, but for that day she was going to let me wear my Grandma’s item. I was excited. My grandma died when I was 5. She then said, that would be my “something old”, she would let me borrow a bracelet for the “something borrowed”, I had my temple dress and earrings as my “something new”, all I needed was “something blue”. I thought maybe I could find a blue frog in my collection and put it in my temple dress pocket.

John overheard my idea. He said, “I know what you could wear for your “something blue”, the earrings/jewelry set I got you.” He bought a beautiful sapphire/diamond set with earrings, a ring and a pendant in Bahrain on his 1st deployment. They were fairly elaborate and I hadn’t really had any occasion where I felt it was appropriate to wear them. I said “good idea” and looked for the box. I decided I would wear the ring. I felt it would be subtle. I didn’t think the earrings would be appropriate for the temple. I was excited as it felt more and more like a wedding day.

We were finally ready to go and were leaving at a good time. I tried to remember everything. I needed the garment bag with my dress and Tristan’s dress, the duffel bag with my slip, stockings, slippers, Jessica’s dress, slip and my other temple items. I also needed my purse and camera bag. I had it all together but my purse. So I went to get it.

We all piled into the car and were on our way. Four houses away Jessica says, “Mom did you get my temple dress?” Me- “Um no, I forgot it.” So John turns the car around and we head back. I had set down the duffel bag when I was getting my purse. Ok, anything else? I think we’re good to go.

This time we got about 8-9 houses away. I asked John, “Did you bring your phone?” He said, “yeah why? Where’s yours?” “I left it at home.” Back we go. I told John it might be easier if he calls my phone so I can find it right away. So I get out of the car and John calls me back and says, here. He hands me his phone. Ok I guess he’s going to let me call my phone with his phone. So I start dialing. Something seems different. Well John and I have the same phone, only he somehow lost the battery cover. Well this phone had the battery cover. It was my phone.

Ok, then , we’re good to go. So, is there ANYTHING else we need to get? John says something and then adds, “Actually, I need to get my shoes.” We laughed a bit. I think we are really ready to go now.

We were on our way. It was an odd mood. There was still something between John and I. He wasn’t necessarily being rude to me, but there was a slight attitude and contention with him. Awful feeling. Not the feeling I wanted on the way to the temple with our family. I wanted a certain atmosphere and feeling as we headed there. The girls started singing church songs. I helped them a little. After a few minutes John turned on the radio. This was not how I imagined it. The songs he was listening to was not creating the mood I wanted. I couldn’t believe he wasn’t choosing to have a better attitude or that he was against helping me create the right atmosphere. I know him all too well and knew he was still irritated with me. I tried not to let it bring me down.

We arrived at the temple and got all our things together. We went to get Jessica out of the car and John asked where her shoes were. She replied, “I don’t need shoes at the temple.” I had told her she wouldn’t have to wear shoes in the temple, but to grab her slip ons to wear in the meantime. I guess all she heard was, “You don’t have to wear shoes.”

Ok, well we had to get through this. I could tell John was getting irritated. He actually said something rude in the temple parking lot.. I'm thinkihng "Are you kidding me?" I said, "yeah that's brilliant behavior here in the temple parking lot. I just told Jessie I’d have to carry her to the temple. I remembered what it felt to be a single parent. It was not a good feeling, but I had to be strong and not let this ruin our day.

We walked towards the temple and it was beautiful and there was a lovely water fountain out front. Honestly though it was hard to focus on the beauty, I tried, but it was eating at me that I was not feeling much love or respect from my husband. I was THIS close to tears. On the way up the steps, Sariah called to ask what time they needed to be there. They were going to be guests, so I told her guests needed to be there at 3:30. It was about 2:50. She said, “Ok see you soon.” .

We got closer to the temple and saw my mom and John’s mom. I thought we should take a quick family picture in front of the temple by the fountain. It was a little bit chilly. We had John’s mom take the pictures and then we were ready to enter the temple. This was it, our family temple day.

We walked through the temple doors and didn’t know where to go exactly. We were met by a temple worker who told us our family could go left into a waiting room while one of us officially checked in. My mom told John to go check us in, but I had all the recommends and paperwork, so I walked over with him. We were then met by a few other temple workers who were overly helpful. Too many people were trying to help us and I was feeling overwhelmed. They were trying to figure out who was in charge of us for the day. When they finally figured out what was going on and that the kids were also to be sealed to us, a lady came to take the kids. I got the girls’ dresses out and they were taken upstairs. I was having some anxiety since too much was going on at once. John and I were taken to get some paperwork finished.

I could still feel John's bad mood and I didn't know what to do. We were asked if we had escorts for the day. Yes, my mom and Jake. Ok, are they here now? Yes, my mom is right here and Jake will be here at 3:30. They made it sound like Jake needed to be here NOW. Ok so I guess we'll have to try calling Jake and Sariah and see if they could get there as soon as possible. John said something rude about well I guess his escort wasn't going to be there until 5:00, so we were screwed. (something to that effect) I could NOT believe he was acting like this INSIDE the temple. I said, "What are you talking about? You obviously didn't listen to me, they'll be here at 3:30 not 5:00. I looked at our temple matron and wanted to cry.

I honestly don't remember exactly what happened next, but I think that's when we went to finish paperwork. We were asked a series of questions and for some reason I think the lady thought John had been sealed before. She then asked, "When did you receive your endowments?" John said, "Yesterday." She said, "oh well I guess that doesn't give you much time to have been sealed to someone else now does it?" A little chuckle and some tension relief there. That's all I remember about that.

Someone came and took John away to get ready and I believe he mouthed "See you later" I had a hard time looking at him.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Funny little girl

Uh-oh Mobile blog post didn't work. So where did it get sent???

I used to walk my daughter to school everyday, but as the weather gets colder, and her legs haven't gotten longer, I've been driving her. I pull up to the curb, she unbuckles herself, leans up to the front seat and gives me a hug and a kiss goodbye. Well one day out of nowhere she says Hoo-sen in this giggly voice as she leaves. She said it over and over and thought it was so funny. I have no idea why she said it, if she heard it somewhere or if it even means anything. She says it now 90% of the time when I drop her off. It's usually the last thing she says as she gets out the door.

So I drop her off today, I get the usual hug and kiss and the Hoo-sen on her way out. She then says "Isn't that a funny word?" I say, "yes". I've asked her before what it meant and she has not yet had an answer for me.
So then today she asks if she can take a bottled water with her. I say "ok but leave it in your back pack." She says, "Well I took one before and didn't get in trouble and it wasn't in my backpack and so and so brings one and doesn't get in trouble."
I said, "Ok, well just listen to your teacher and follow the rules."
She then takes a sip and very grown up like says, "Ah, nice healthy water." It just made me smile and laugh.

Introducing the rest of the family...

Married to: John

We knew each other in middle school. Started dating in high school and have been together ever since. I will post our detailed story another time. He is a welder. He joined the Navy when we were both 21 and had not even been married a year. He was a Damage Controlman (DC) in the Navy. Basically he was in charge of repairing the ship if need be during battle. For instance, if there was a hole in the side of the ship, we would have to find any means to repair that hole. He was also in charge of teaching all the other sailors fire-fighting skills. He was on the USS John Hancock in Mayport Florida from 1999-2000. (deccomissioned the ship) He was on the USS Shiloh in San Diego from 2000-2003.He was a recruitor in West Valley Utah from 2003-2003. He was on the USS Arco in Point Loma (sub-base) from 2003-2006. He was on the USS Pelileu in San Diego from 2006-2008. He got out of the Navy October 30, 2008. He now is a welder/pile driver for a great company. He can do just about anything. He is very good with projects. He can think it and actually make it come to life. He is a hard worker! He is sarcastic and funny. He has very little patience. He is extremely good looking! :) He is by far my very best friend!

Oldest child: Jeremy (boy-12)
Such a mix. He is ADHD, has dealt with depression and anxiety since he was about 7, possibly bi-polar. He has a learning disability and school is hard and frustrating for him. If things don't happen the way he expects them too, his world comes crashing down. He is very sensitive which can be good and bad. He is not always easy to get along with or understand where he's coming from, but if you take the time to get to know him and give him a chance he is really sweet and really smart. He is also very creative and has a fun sense of humor. He makes up songs for the dog and dances with her. He loves Legos and made me the Beatles out of his legos for a birthday party decoration.. it was so cool! He will blow you away with information on some very interesting stuff.

Middle child: Tristan (girl-9)
She is my helper girl. She's a little mommy. I can depend on her at least 90% of the time. She is responsible and very mature for her age. She can be very good with her little sister. She is sometimes shy. She's a wonderful student and seems to really love school. There was a time when she would get extremely angry about something and would become fuming mad. Her pupils would become huge and all you could see was black in her eyes. I was very concerned. Dr's didn't find anything wrong with her. She is better with that, but there are still times where she gets so mad, she shuts down and you can't seem to reach her. Is that a sign of bi-polar? It runs strong in our family. She loves karaoke. She likes Pink and Hannah Montanah. She loves playing the drums on Beatles Rock Band.

Baby: Jessica (girl-5)
My little clone. She is so much like me. She looks like me when I was little.(Only she is not shy like I was) She even became a Beatles fan at a young age. She was singing Beatles songs when she was 1 1/2. I am not kidding! She thinks Paul McCartney is her boyfriend and she used to have John Lennon as her imaginary friend. She is very loving and loves to sing. She makes up songs at least once a day. She is hardly ever in a bad mood unless her brother or sister are picking on her. She hates cleaning her room.
She's my little monkey. She was even born "year of the monkey" She is fun and silly and I hope she never grows up.

Stay tuned...

I am still working on my blog entry from our sealing day. There are a lot of moments and feelings I want to remember and I don't want to miss any detail. I will post it as soon and I can, and just be fore-warned that it will be long and you'll probably need to set aside some quiet time to read it all.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Timpanogas Temple Day

To the best of my memory and what I can say, here is our endowment story:

We arrived at the Timpanogas Temple at about 2:15 PM. Our appointment timw was 2:30. Our session was at 4:00.
Upon arrival, I just wanted to pause for a second and take it all in- deep breath! I took a picture immediately. Our 1st time ever to be at this temple in any sense. It was beautiful. I snapped a photo on my digital camera and then one on my phone and sent it to Facebook, letting everyone know we had arrived.

It was a nice afternoon. Not too cold for a Fall day. I was nervous, anxious and excited. I just prayed that everyone would be kind and patient with us.

John and I had no idea where the front door was, or where to go. We walked around a bit aimlessly for a few minutes and then I noticed some people coming in and out and we headed that direction.

Once inside, we were again "lost". But I told a friendly temple worker lady that we could use some help. We were pointed in the right direction, temple recommends checked, and on to some final paperwork. A nice male temple worker told my husband to take my hand and said, "Isn't it nice to hold your wife's hand in the temple?" It was awesome and my husband replied, "It's nice to hold her hand anywhere". I added, "But it's extra nice in here." Everything was double checked and we were good to go.

While waiting for us escorts, a kind, sweet temple worker helped me go through my things to make sure I had everything I needed. We noticed something missing, so we went to rent it. A little bit of anxiety there, since I swore I had everything. (When we bought everything in preparation, the lady seemed very careful to make sure we had everything,.. more about that later)

So as we returned to the main waiting area, my husband had disappeared. We sat down and waited a bit and I soon saw our escorts, Sariah and Jake Buntjer. Sariah gave me a very happy hug. This was it. We were on our way. We were told that my husband was already changing. We were lead to the Women's locker room to change.

Once there, my things were once again checked. I had brought 2 pairs of garments (2 different materials), just in case one didn't fit or something. Well a helper separated my stuff and pulled out the first set of garments and set the others aside. I had everything, so we were led to our stalls. I was instructed what to do and I almost felt like I was supposed to undress in front of the lady, because she was standing there with my stall open and telling me what I needed to take off and what I needed to put on. I thought maybe she needed to make sure I did it right, so I started to undress. She sweetly said, "Hold on" and shut my door and then told me I could lock it. Ok, much better, but I felt like kind of a dork.

As I looked at the garments, I realized that the pair she had grabbed were not of "matching" fabrics. I was slightly bummed, but quickly got over it. I was overcome by emotion as I changed. It was an awesome, beautiful feeling, and tears quickly came to my eyes. I was changed and ready, but had to use the potty before we began. I knew that we had a good 1 1/2 hours ahead of us.

My sweet new temple lady friend led me to the bathroom. I again was overcome with tears, and just let it flow. When I came out, she showed me the Bride's dressing room area. I'm not sure if that's really what it was called. She explained that even though I'd been married before, I would be in that room tomorrow (although not at that temple) It was absolutely gorgeous in there! (Today is "tomorrow" and there's no doubt in mind that I will feel like a bride today.

When I saw our family and friends, I was overwhelmed with love and the awesomeness that was about to take place. I was so happy to be reunited with my husband. Sariah was sitting to my left and John came and sat to my right. Jake came in and sat by Sariah. The cute older temple guy said, "Wouldn't you like to sit by your sweetheart?" and motioned over towards me. Jake said, "I am sitting by my sweetheart." We all kind of softly giggled.

John was more than happy to see me again and we held hands as we went into another room. There was something extra beautiful in his eyes and face and he held my hand with so much love.

I had some issues with some articles of clothing and that's all I can say. They just weren't being cooperative.
My mom sat on my right in this room and Sariah was again on my left. They were great helpers. I held my mom's hand for the first 5-10 minutes. How grateful I was to have her by my side and I know she was so happy to be there with me. She was so beautiful in her temple dress and her hair was curled so pretty.
By the way, I can't stop crying as I type all this.

I want to remember who was there, because I would feel so sad to forget. So here's the list:

Sariah and Jake Buntjer- our dear, close friends who have helped us so much in getting to this point. We truly adore them and are so thankful to have such good friends and examples in our lives. It's also great that we love them both. It's so great when you are friends with the husband and the wife or the other way around. It's not so fun when you like someone but you just don't care for their spouse.

Next, my 3 mom's. :) My own mom, Connie, John's mom, (who became very good friends with my mom) Wendy, and my step mom, Kathie. All loving and wonderful in their own way. How lucky am I to have 3 moms? Some people don't even have 1 or they may not have one that is temple worty. I have 3!

Our awesome Bishop was there, Logan Freeman. He's also been great in getting us to this point.

We can't forget my favorite missionary, Elder Eccles. I know I shouldn't pick favorites, but we went through a lot of missionaries and he was the sweetest and most sincere. I was so happy that we had chosen to go to the Timpanogas temple so he could be there. His companion was of course there with him, but I don't believe I was told his name. Either way he seemed nice.

At the last part, John's aunt and uncle were there, Cheryl and Eugene Carbine. That was a nice surprise. They would have been there earlier, but they were told the wrong time. :(

At one point I literally felt like I had walked into heaven. I was once again overcome by such a beautiful experience.

It was a lot for one day and I just kept thinking "Wow, we're really here, this is really happening."

We went to Cafe Rio afterwards with Jake and Sariah. That was fun. We'd never gone out with them before. It was also great to be at the temple with them. Very cool.

I must go now as I prepare myself and our children for our sealing. I feel so special to be able to experience two beautiful temple days at two different temples. Today will be a wonderful family memory for us.

Friday, October 9, 2009

I feel so boring...

I have nothing profound or interesting to say on the day we go to the temple. I'm a mix of emotions... a little bit nervous, excited, a bit of anxiety. I hope I take everything I need. I hope I do everything as I should, I hope the temple workers are kind and patient. I know this day (and tomorrow) will change our lives forever.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The day is near

Tomorrow John and I take out our endowments. Our first step in the temple together. Saturday we will be getting sealed to each other and our children. Although we've learned a little about what will happen, and I've heard stories, I don't know 100% what to expect. I want to be prepared, but I want to be a bit surprised as well. Does that make sense?

I've come across things on the internet regarding endowments and temples. However, some things I just don't want to know. I don't want to read about it word for word. I want to experience it myself.

I have to admit that John and I are huge fans of Big Love. So when we saw the famous/infamous episode about temple ceremonies, (titled Outer Darkness I do believe) we were kind of weirded out. At the time we didn't know that we'd ever be at a place in our lives to be going through the temple. We just didn't know what to think. We both said something like, "if that's what it's like, I don't know if I ever want to go through the temple."

Yet, here we are. Ready and willing.
By the way, we were told that the temple scene portrayed was about 95% accurate. I think that episode aired in January or February of this year. It was actually around this time that we started going back to church a little at a time. So apparently it didn't freak us out too much. Just being honest about it all.

I now expect it to be a beautiful experience. I view it as sacred and heavenly. I see it as a learning and growing experience. Do I still think it's a little weird? I think it's a new concept to us and new things can seem weird. Either way, I am extremely open to it and hope that I can get the most out of it as possible. I know that I will be spiritually touched and that I will return a different/better person. I think it will be emotionally draining in the best way possible.

I'm excited to have it broken up into 2 days-2 temples-2 ordinances(?) I am excited equally for the time in the temple with my husband and then with my husband and our children. I'm sure I've said this before, but I am beyond thrilled that they get to experience this with us and that they are old enough to remember. We will all be changed in some way.

Recent Dreams

John hardly ever remembers his dreams, however every now and then he has vivid ones.

The other night he had a dream that someone in the family said we weren't worthy to go to the temple. It was like we were so close (maybe even at the church getting ready to go to the temple) and then all of a sudden someone in the ward (Brother Diaz) steps in and says something like "I'm sorry John, so and so called us and said such and such". So it was like all of a sudden we weren't going to be able to go through the temple. I think that's when he pretty much woke up. He told me about it the next morning and described it as "awful".

Last night I had a dream that John was having some issues with a taboo subject. I tried getting him to stop and he wasn't listening so I started swearing at him. Lovely!

I don't think there's really any issues..

Not your average gumball

I'm the kind of mom who keeps gum in her person. ( mean purse lol)  Mainly for myself, sometimes for the children.

I went to grab some last night and noticed my mint flavored gum was gone. I shrugged it off thinking maybe it fell out or the kids ate it all in one day. (had at least 6 pieces left)

This morning I'm taking clothes out of the dryer.... Oh what's this? A note that's gone through the washer and dryer? Oh, it's my Trident wrapper inside out... interesting. Well that sucks, right? I guess Jeremy took my gum and put it in his pocket. I usually pat down clothes pretty good. However the kids are always complaining about having no clothes to wear.. so I was in a hurry to wash everyone's jeans.

Then I notice a little green ball. Odd. On closer observation, it's a semi-hard formed gum ball. (ball of gum) I guess it was formed in the dryer. Well it could have been worse.. so I pick out a few pieces of gum wrappers and then notice 2 splotches of green gum STUCK on 2 parts of the dryer drum. Not too cool. So I know need to research how to safely remove it so I can finish my laundry.


Well I did scrape most of it off with a Pampered Chef Food Scraper Thingy. Now, I have to remove the residue without running the risk of starting a dryer fire next time I run the dryer...

Off to try:


It seems like everytime I invite people to a party or an event... I don't hear from 80% of them. I just want a Yes, No, Maybe. Some sort of response.. some sort of "Well I can't make it, but thanks for inviting me." OR "Yes, I'll be there." OR "Maybe, I'm not sure." I don't even care what your reasoning is for not coming, it would just be nice to know that you've acknowledged the fact that I invited you.

It makes me feel like people who I thought were my friends, are not such good friends? The latest is obviously our temple event. I can understand that not everyone is even able to go through the temple with us. I can understand that some people are not religious and this may be something to roll their eyes about. But even so, can't they be happy for us? At least come to the celebration party afterwards? At least say.. "No thanks, but I'm happy for you?" Maybe the person doesn't know me very well or hasn't seen me for awhile and feels weird that I'd ask them to such a personal/religious event.

My sister and her husband went through the temple last year and got sealed to each other and their 2 girls. I was not at the same place in my life and I was not able to go to the temple, but I was beyond thrilled for them. To me, it was like they were getting married for the first time or something. I thought of it as a big deal, and I hope I made it clear how happy I was for them! I attended the after party and felt so much love for them.

So, I wonder.... because I can't just let things be. I have to analyze and over-analyze. Do I respond to people's invites? If it's through e-mail or any sort of internet form... YES! I usually respond right away, because I am constantly checking my e-mail, Facebook, etc. And I try to show enthusiasm. If I cannot make it, I will let them know.

However, I admit, I have gotten invitations in the mail and have not said anything. (bad girl) I'll have every intention of going or I'll be happy for the person/couple, whatever. But I don't always respond. Maybe I don't have their phone number, maybe I'm not that close to the person, whatever. But then if I see them later, I will congratulate them or say sorry I missed it.. etc. (at least 90% of the time)

I will try better though, because I'm hurt. So maybe this was to teach me a lesson?

Of course after I posted this, I got some more responses... (they were already there, I just hadn't read them yet)

I'm also a bit bummed that my dad and sister won't be joining us in the temple. Neither will John's dad. So I will have 3 moms- My mom, John's mom and my step mom. Cool, just not how I expected it to be. Not that I ever thought about it and really pictured it in my mind until recently.

My husband texted me 5 days before taking out our endowments:
"I'm RSVPing for Fri and Sat. I'll be there do or die."

That meant the world to me.

If you have a passion for helping people to navigate life's ups and downs, check out an online degree in social work.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Naughty Children

As we all try to do our best and make our way to the temple, life gets harder. Little things happen all around us and sometimes it can bring out the worst in you.
Kids are no exception. Our kids are fairly well behaved. They are however kids, and they were brought up in a semi-chaotic household. I mean I was a Navy Wife for 10 years... and I did my best, but it's not easy being a "single parent" for 90% of your marriage. It didn't help that their dad was always coming and going and doesn't have much patience.

But as usual, I'm rambling and getting off subject. *sigh*

So, our kids are for the most part, decent children. I can't complain too much. They really can be sweet. They can also act like little hellions and I wonder how could I, Miss Calm and Positive, have such rowdy little children? Then I remember that they have a father. *Big Evil Grin*

Lately, they have seemed a bit out of control. We have our usual battles of "I don't want to go to bed" Whininess, but it's but amplified the last 2 weeks. It's mainly the girls, Jeremy is knocked out by a sleeping pill. (don't judge me, it's Dr. prescribed and he desperately needs it for more than one reason)

Anyway, the girls share a room and they stay up laughing, talking, fighting, playing, etc. Tristan is 9 and she is our most responsible child. However, she constantly blames it on her little 5 year old sister, Jessica. "But Jessica was tickling me, but Jessica was talking to me, but......." This also happens when it comes time to clean their rooms. Jessica will say "But Tristan's not helping me clean." Tristan will say "But I didn't make the mess. I already cleaned up everything that is mine." HA! I try to have Tristan supervise Jessie and step her through what to clean up. I tell her that along the way she may be surprised to find something that she didn't realize was hers (hiding under Jessie's things) and she can put it away. I can actually SEE that there are clothes of hers, dirty towels, cups, etc.

It's frustrating.. they can't find anything and they wonder why. Whenever I wash clothes... I often feel that I'm washing clean clothes that they were too lazy to put away, so they stuck in the dirty clothes bin. That thing fills up daily! Jeremy is guilty of that as well.

So again, lately it just seems like they are listening less and less.. things that they were getting better at, they're slipping. They are fighting a lot more.

Last night I was drifting off to sleep only to be awoken by 2 noisy girls. They are now grounded from TV, Computer/Laptop and Wii!

Funny thing is though, that they are aware. The other day Jeremy did something or said something that wasn't very nice. Tristan said "We're going to the temple soon, I really don't think you should be doing that."

Jeremy has told me a few times... "Mom, I have the Holy Ghost now, I wouldn't do that!"

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Random Facts About Me

I'm Mormon and I'm a Surrogate, kind of explains the title of my blog.
(not too many of us out there that are both)

I'll try to keep this updated.

If you came here for a bunch of religious posts, you'll be disappointed. I did blog a bit about our experience leading up to and after going through the temple in 2009. However, I'm more spiritual than religious. I'm really not "churchy" and certainly not preachy. There are a lot of people within the LDS church that give Mormons a bad name. I sure as HECK (Hell) try not to be one of them. In fact, I'm certainly not perfect and I honestly don't go to church all the time. You'll come to find out that I'm quite real and honest which this list/post should show.

I married my best friend- my high school sweetheart.
 (you either think it's gaggy or super cool)

I have 3 children of my own- A boy who is 15, a girl who is 12 and my baby girl who is 8.

My 1st surrogate baby was a girl born in August 2006. My 2nd surrogacy ended in an early miscarriage in 2007. My 3rd surrogacy was an awesome adventure with twin boys. They were born in April 2009. * Not a huge fan of c-sections.
I don't quite feel like my surrogacy days are over, but even if I'm never a surrogate again, I'll always be an advocate for surrogacy. (as of June 2012 I am matched and in the process of being a surrogate again!)

I was a Navy Wife for 10 years.
I have lived in Mayport, Florida, San Diego, California and Utah. I prefer Utah.
I'm spontaneous
I am sometimes sarcastic- although I try not to be hurtful...
I absolutely love to sing, and music makes me very happy!
I'm a fan of  Beatles Rock Band
I'm sometimes shy
I have a bit of social anxiety (self-diagnosed lol)
I love candy in small quantities
I try to treat others the way I'd like to be treated. It just makes sense.
I recently began homeschooling my children at the end of 2009 and I absolutely love it
I usually see things more than one way and sometimes over-analyze things
I try to plan ahead
Sometimes I can't plan ahead and have to do certain things last minute and I get a bit of anxiety, but then I breathe and everything's ok
I'm always working on my to-do lists
I've been a huge Beatle's fan since I was 4
I have too many clothes, but never can seem to find the right thing to wear
I am very forgiving
I am not a huge phone person, I'd rather write you a note or e-mail it depends on our relationship though... some people I don't mind chatting on the phone with
I'm not very domestic, but always a work in progress, getting better all the time
I usually give much more than I receive

I am honest. It's so much better that way. It keeps you out of trouble. If you're honest at least 99.9% of the time, you don't do stupid things, because then you'd have to be honest about doing them. (see how that works) I learned this the hard way years ago, but made a vow to be honest from that point on. Sometimes I am too honest and tell people too much.

When I get really upset I say "Flipping Hell" or "Holy Hell" LOL or "Holy Flipping Hell!"  (that's the Mormon in me) or I curse up a storm in my head.

While John was in the Navy, we moved 10 times in 7 years.

I had my tongue pierced from 2001-2005. My husband got his done at the same time and talked me into doing it with him. I pretty much fainted, then I cried on the way home, thinking "What did I just do?" I thought I'd never be able to talk or sing normal again. We moved to San Diego the next day. What a pain in the butt. We both had a hard time eating anything normal. John had to take his out shortly after because he was in the Navy and someone else got in trouble, so he had to take his out as well. His hole grew in right away. One of the reasons I decided to get mine, was because at the time, I didn't know anyone else who had one. I hate being trendy and I thought we were being original. But then we moved to San Diego and 1 out of 5 people we met had one. I had a tongue ring for just about every occasion. After awhile, I forgot I had it. It was just a part of me.Every now and then it would get sore and I'd take it out.. I'd have to re-pierce it.  *ouch* I finally got sick of it and felt like I had grown out of it and I took it out and left it out.

I used to have my ears pierced 6 times. I got my first set when I was 5. My mom let me get my 2nd set when I was 17 I think. When I was 18, John had broken up with me and I got my 3rd set as a way of acting out... Again, I didn't want to be trendy.. so I had 2 holes on my left side and 4 on my right. I would always tease people that I had 7 piercings... (with the tongue too) Of course they would think I was pierced in all kinds of weird places.  I now only have the one original set of holes. (a requirement for going through the temple)

I have 2 tattoos.

I try my best not to judge people.

I collect frogs, magnets, keys and Fisher Price Little People. (the way cool old school kind from the 60s-70s)

I am not a morning person, but getting better with that too!

I usually don't get dressed till Noon or later.
 (I  just get more done before I get dressed- oh and the fact above)

I multi-task, but sometimes I do it too much and don't ever finish anything.

I spend too much time on the internet.

I like being creative. ( I design lots of stuff, my shops are listed on my blog)

I love to take pictures.

I love to sing.

I value true friendship.

I try my best to be respectful.

I am positive and don't really like being around negative people, especially people who are flat out 

I love my family, extended and all.

I tend to ramble on in case you didn't notice. I try to explain things in detail, and feel like I say too much.

I sometimes dream about things in detail before they happen in real life and/or I have deja vu a lot.

I have had amazing spiritual experiences that I can't deny.

I have always been spiritual, even when I wasn't going to church.

I know the power of God and I know the power of Satan, and I choose God, thank you!

That's all I can think of for now. (although I keep thinking of things and adding them hee hee)

Anything else you want to know? Just ask!

Temples- well are you surprised?

So I've always enjoyed being able to see a temple here and there. Growing up in Utah, I think I took it for granted. I could see the Jordan River temple very close to our home. From about 2002-2005 I actually lived pretty much down the street from that particular temple. Coincidence? HMMM, I think not! It was always so nice to drive by as we were on our way somewhere. I would always tell the kids.. look there's the temple. They were young and would oooh and ahhh! It was comforting and peaceful.

We lived in San Diego twice and I always loved it when we'd pass the San Diego temple on the freeway. John says he doesn't care for that temple. 1- he doesn't care for CALIFORNIA!!!! 2- he thinks it looks medieval, he would expect to see Gargoyles on it or something.

So, I've written earlier about our experience with the Draper Temple Open House. Our family actually got to go in it. I had done baptisms for the dead when I was younger.. at the Jordan River temple I believe. Anyway, this was the first time our family had all been in a temple together. (first time for kids ever, not sure about John)
Very peaceful, comforting.

We happened to be driving out west one day and noticed that they were building a new temple. We were somewhere on Bangerter Highway when we noticed it. I think around the same time, we had heard of it being built. That was cool to see. since then we have passed it a few times and it's been a comfort. One day I snapped a shot of it.. while looking back as we passed by. I think it's one of my favorite pictures. I am talking about the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, the one we will be getting sealed in.

So now, as we get closer, the past few months I've been pointing out the temples more and more to the kids. We drive by the Draper one a lot! We see the Jordan River often as well. John and I spent the night nearby the SLC Temple for our anniversary recently and had the peaceful experience of spending the next day actually walking around the SLC temple. So much peace and beauty! I was consumed. We talked to two sets of female missionaries there. One sister missionary was so emotionally touched when she heard that we'd be going through the temple as a family in October. I wish I had taken a picture of her. I will have to go back and find her... John took a picture of me with the 1st set of missionaries that approached us. Speaking of missionaries, one of the many missionaries we went through discussions with to baptize the kids, will be going to the temple with us. He got special permission as long as we went through the Timpanogas Temple. So we will be doing our endowments there.

I guess I have a new-found obsession of sorts with temples? I find myself taking pictures as often as I can.

Yesterday I took Jeremy and Tristan to take pictures of the Oquirrh Mountain temple. I want to have a photo cake made with the temple on it. We were on a quest. I had Jeremy get me some batteries for the camera.

As we got nearer, I asked Tristan to take a picture of the temple in the distance. She got the camera ready but it quickly turned itself off, she said the battery was showing red and empty. I guess the batteries Jeremy grabbed were used. I was filled with anxiety. We were so close... I didn't want to back-track too far to find a store. We were near a little strip mall.. but mostly little food shops and a UPS store and credit union. I decided it wouldn't hurt to try the UPS store.. no luck. So I decided we'd just continue on to the temple and hopefully find something along the way. Around the corner was a gas station. I thought I had remembered seeing batteries at gas stations before. We went in and searched... but found nothing. Then, as we were about to give up, I noticed them behind the counter. Phew! I knew they would not be cheap. I spent $5.14 on a 4 pack of batteries, but I knew it was worth it to be able to take pictures of the temple. I'm hoping that they are high quality batteries that will last at least until this Saturday, our special day at the temple.

Since it was a Monday, no one was at the temple, so I felt we could take our time and drive around and get pictures on all sides. Tristan helped take a few pictures. We then drove to the Jordan River temple and took pictures there as well. Although, there were many trees in the parking lot that hid the temple and then there was an ugly brown truck parked right up front. I was frustrated, but we did our best taking pictures there.

In all my ramblings, did I mention that the whole purpose of temple picture taking day was so I could get a picture to make a photo cake for our party celebration? (Scratching head... and not wanting to thoroughly re-read my post)

Well, I have that picture.. with thanks to my dad for helping me fine-tune it! :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

No more posting from phone? and other things

Ok so I tried to post earlier from my cell phone, doesn't look like that worked out too well. I'll try to fill in the blanks tomorrow.

Goodnight for now.. this girlie is tired and has a long fun-filled/exciting week ahead.

This Friday we are doing our endowments and this Saturday is the sealing. So excited! I keep thinking this Sunday we'll be wearing garments.. I mean obviously we'll be wearing them on Friday and Saturday.. but it will be the first Sunday that we'll be wearing them in church. Um just to clarify.. we will also have clothes on.

Who would have thought that one day I'd be excited to wear garments? :)

Preparing the way

I know that John and I fell upon some training to prepare us for where we are today.

The main things were John joining the military- it taught him a deeper level of respect and dedication. It also taught us both strength in separation. We both learned a lot about sacrafice!

The other thing is my experience as a surrogate. I learned very quickly the joy that comes from helping others. I learned to be selfless. That's one of the things the gospel teaches is helping others. Our church is all about that.

It was no accident or mere coincidence that John and I somehow found our way to do those things in our lives. They were to help us become who we are today as we make our way to the temple.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Permission to cry?

I want to sit down and cry. We don't have a lot of time to pass out invitations. I'm having my dad print some up anyway, for close friends and family and so I can have one to scrapbook. Well I figured I could e-mail invites to everyone else. So I manually entered about 25-30 e-mail addresses, and my e-mail shuts down and I lose it all. I have had so many problems with hotmail using outlook express. GRRR! I do not feel like starting over at this point.