Wednesday, September 14, 2011

4 day Birthday Weekend

Kicked off the Birthday celebrations Thursday night at Benihana. Whole lotta yum!
Every year I get a $30 gift certificate to spend during my birthday month there. We usually end up going for our anniversary which is 10 days after my birthday. This year they changed the certificate to only be used Monday through Thursday.  We are going to Mesquite for our anniversary this year, so we went to Benihana on Thursday the 8th. My birthday is
September 10th.

Friday Johnny had the day off, or actually I think he came home early. We ended up taking the kids bowling. That was fun. Haven't bowled for awhile. I actually kicked everyone's butt! Usually hubby's the one doing that.

Saturday morning (my actual birthday) we were in the Peach Days Parade in Brigham City.

(I'm the cute one, in the back of the truck with the Beatles hat and sunglasses)

We had to get up early, and Burger King was nice enough to make me a birthday breakfast.   :)
After the parade, we checked out the car show. Then we headed back to our little town, picked up dinner at Arctic Circle, came home and I think we watched a movie. I don't really remember.

Sunday, my Mother In Law was nice enough to let us have a birthday BBQ at her house.

My sweet hubby making me homemade ice cream. He really did his best to make sure I had an awesome birthday this year!

My cousin Lindsay taking picture of the cake.

And of me taking her picture. 

And her dad taking a picture of me, taking a picture of him. Yeah, we do that a lot in our family.

Lovely picture of me blowing out candles, yet looking like I'm going to inhale the whole cake.

Holy Furball- Vanilla.

Lovely close up taken by my 7 year old.

Sand art from my girls... HBD stand for Happy Birthday!  

 Every year I hate knowing that if I don't plan my own party, then my birthday gets passed by. I feel like such a loser planning my own party. This year it wasn't too bad with 4 days in a row of celebrating. I was surrounded by awesome people. Thanks again to everyone who helped me celebrate or wished me a Happy Birthday!  Love you all!