Thursday, May 27, 2010

Health/sinus update

So my dr. told me to make an appt. with ENT(ear, nose, throat) ASAP. So I did. Apparantly I got in sooner than expected. They want my infection to be cleared up before they can get a good scan of my sinuses. But she was able to see that I am quite infected into my cheeks and I do have a deviated septum, just not sure how bad it is. So I get to finish current meds, start new meds and then go back for a scan in 10 days. At least we're getting somewhere. :)

It was frustrating though, that I had to pay the $30 copay and I still have to go back and pay more $$$$. Oh well! Story of my life, I'm never on time, either too early or too late.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back on Track (again)

I am back to counting calories and doing very well, thank you! Today will be my 9th consecutive day! I love it when I get in that groove and it's full steam ahead. I just hope and pray that I can keep up with it. So far, so good! I already feel better, and my clothes are fitting better. I am hoping to be heading to California for a Fall vacation with my family. I would so love to be looking good by then. I know I can do it, I've done it before. But why does it have to be so much harder now that I'm in my 30's? UGH!

If you want to buddy up, I could use the support and motivation. Otherwise, I'll just keep trucking solo best I can.

P.S. I really don't love ice cream. I mean it's just not that good.
(although I do love a good banana split... and Coldstone has yummy icecream)

Hubby always has to have ice cream around. Usually if he's eating it, I want some. I've actually had calories left over and been able to eat some. But almost every time, afterwards, I just feel like I really could have gone without.  Last night I had calories left and I had a bit of a sweet tooth. I was going to have a scoop or 2 of ice cream, but I got it out, looked at the fat: 10 grams for 1/2 cup. Ha, I thought, no thanks. So I had a Weight Watchers strawberry shortcake instead. *pat*

Monday, May 24, 2010

Surrogacy update, life and health

So, I've been kind of boring. I even went a month between posts. You must all hate me. Not really, but I thought I'd be dramatic. Maybe you're a little disapponted? Maybe you forgot I even exist?

Well, here's the updates:

I am still unable to find insurance that will cover me as a surrogate. So after going over the few options, I realized there was only one way to go. That would be to not use insurance, and to have the IP's (intended parents) pay "cash" for the medical fees. Sometimes, I think a cash discount plan is better than even having insurance. We pay alot in premiums, copays, etc. We can hardly afford our premiums, let alone go see a Dr.

Anyway, I got sidetracked. I've been making calls, collecting information. So far, I've only been able to connect with my ob/gyn's office.  The lady there was helpful and gave me a breakdown of costs.  I thought it actually sounded pretty decent. Now these were just the Dr.'s fees for visits and the delivery. She gave me the price for ultrasounds, etc. It all sounded reasonable. I just have to get the fees for the hospital stay and anesthesiologist, etc. Some of you may think I'm crazy, but I think it's going to be just about the same as if I had insurance and they were paying all the premiums, copays, deductibles. I was told about a pay out plan aawhile back. You pay $XX for the plan, they pay out $XXXX if you are hospitalized, for whatever reason. They do not care if you are a surrogate, how you got pregnant, etc. I already talked to this guy and he made it sound like this plan would work for me, etc. I thought it sounded great, but then I said, what about Dr. visits? Oh I don't know what you'd do about that... I was so excited that I thought I had found something to COVER the surrogacy and all the maternity costs. But I think we could do this along with the cash discount for the visits and everything else. At least that would be some kind of coverage.

You would think that it would get easier each time. I mean technically, I 've been a surrogate 3 times now. Each surrogacy has it's complications, it's hold ups. I'm not even matched yet!  Gotta get this all squared away first. Hoping to be matched this Fall though.    :)

Other news?

I'm still battling sinus issues. Headaches, pain, pressure. Going to an ear nose and throat specialist this week. No fun, but hopefully I'll get some answers soon and get all of this resolved.

I am trying to finish out the school year with the kids. I will keep them somewhat inovled over the summer with some kind of schooling. It's been a great homeschooling year. We are planning a family vacation for Fall and I can't wait. We are going to California- Disneyland, etc. We are ALL finding ways to earn/save money to go. It will be a good experience.

I'll try not to keep you waiting as long for my next post....


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