Thursday, October 8, 2009


It seems like everytime I invite people to a party or an event... I don't hear from 80% of them. I just want a Yes, No, Maybe. Some sort of response.. some sort of "Well I can't make it, but thanks for inviting me." OR "Yes, I'll be there." OR "Maybe, I'm not sure." I don't even care what your reasoning is for not coming, it would just be nice to know that you've acknowledged the fact that I invited you.

It makes me feel like people who I thought were my friends, are not such good friends? The latest is obviously our temple event. I can understand that not everyone is even able to go through the temple with us. I can understand that some people are not religious and this may be something to roll their eyes about. But even so, can't they be happy for us? At least come to the celebration party afterwards? At least say.. "No thanks, but I'm happy for you?" Maybe the person doesn't know me very well or hasn't seen me for awhile and feels weird that I'd ask them to such a personal/religious event.

My sister and her husband went through the temple last year and got sealed to each other and their 2 girls. I was not at the same place in my life and I was not able to go to the temple, but I was beyond thrilled for them. To me, it was like they were getting married for the first time or something. I thought of it as a big deal, and I hope I made it clear how happy I was for them! I attended the after party and felt so much love for them.

So, I wonder.... because I can't just let things be. I have to analyze and over-analyze. Do I respond to people's invites? If it's through e-mail or any sort of internet form... YES! I usually respond right away, because I am constantly checking my e-mail, Facebook, etc. And I try to show enthusiasm. If I cannot make it, I will let them know.

However, I admit, I have gotten invitations in the mail and have not said anything. (bad girl) I'll have every intention of going or I'll be happy for the person/couple, whatever. But I don't always respond. Maybe I don't have their phone number, maybe I'm not that close to the person, whatever. But then if I see them later, I will congratulate them or say sorry I missed it.. etc. (at least 90% of the time)

I will try better though, because I'm hurt. So maybe this was to teach me a lesson?

Of course after I posted this, I got some more responses... (they were already there, I just hadn't read them yet)

I'm also a bit bummed that my dad and sister won't be joining us in the temple. Neither will John's dad. So I will have 3 moms- My mom, John's mom and my step mom. Cool, just not how I expected it to be. Not that I ever thought about it and really pictured it in my mind until recently.

My husband texted me 5 days before taking out our endowments:
"I'm RSVPing for Fri and Sat. I'll be there do or die."

That meant the world to me.

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  1. I'm sorry Jill. I can understand the disappointment and frustration. I can't come because I found out the Bishop and Stake Pres. aren't doing interviews this week, so I can't get mine renewed. I knew I should've done it in September, see what I get for procrasinating! I know tons of people are so excited and happy for your family, I'm sure you'll be well supported. Remember how much support you got with the kids baptism. We all love you guys!!!

  2. Wow, they aren't doing interviews this week? I know people react differently and sometimes I expect things a certain way and get disappointed. Thanks Melissa! I consider you a great friend!

    Yes, I was blown away by the support at the baptism.

  3. Well, I was so sad that we couldn't come to the baptism that I'm doing everything I can to try to get to the temple! I am so excited! But you already heard from me. I know what you're feeling, though. I've been there. And no matter what the excuse is it still hurts. Hey, do you have your blog updates going to your facebook. I can help you do that if you don't.

  4. You are totally cool at letting me know one way or another and I appreciate it. I also appreciate that you are trying to make it there. Can you believe it was just a few months ago that you were talking to me about us going to start the temple prep classes?


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