Monday, October 12, 2009

Funny little girl

Uh-oh Mobile blog post didn't work. So where did it get sent???

I used to walk my daughter to school everyday, but as the weather gets colder, and her legs haven't gotten longer, I've been driving her. I pull up to the curb, she unbuckles herself, leans up to the front seat and gives me a hug and a kiss goodbye. Well one day out of nowhere she says Hoo-sen in this giggly voice as she leaves. She said it over and over and thought it was so funny. I have no idea why she said it, if she heard it somewhere or if it even means anything. She says it now 90% of the time when I drop her off. It's usually the last thing she says as she gets out the door.

So I drop her off today, I get the usual hug and kiss and the Hoo-sen on her way out. She then says "Isn't that a funny word?" I say, "yes". I've asked her before what it meant and she has not yet had an answer for me.
So then today she asks if she can take a bottled water with her. I say "ok but leave it in your back pack." She says, "Well I took one before and didn't get in trouble and it wasn't in my backpack and so and so brings one and doesn't get in trouble."
I said, "Ok, well just listen to your teacher and follow the rules."
She then takes a sip and very grown up like says, "Ah, nice healthy water." It just made me smile and laugh.

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