Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Temple Sealing Part 3

Where was I? We walked into the sealing room I felt a bit on display as all eyes were on us and it all became so real. We were told to sit down on the couch and that I would sit on John's right. Well John and I didn't see the couch. We scanned the room up and down, left to right. Where was the couch? Maybe I couldn't see it through my blurry eyes? We saw the altar...with cushions.. did he mean that? Someone, I really don't remember who, pointed us in the right direction. How did we miss that? It was right there to the right when you first walk in. A little giggle from John and I as we sat down. I couldn't believe this was really happening.

I was filled with peace and love as I saw our support group of family and friends. I also was filled with a few more tears. Our support group shall be named in no particular order.

Dave Poulsen- Our next door neighbor from our West Jordan house. I was thrilled that he came. I hadn't seen him in at least 4 years. I had mailed them an invitation, hoping they would come. Not sure where his wife was though.

Friends from the ward:
Sariah and Jake Buntjer
Jenn and David Diaz
Stace and Kirk Dalton
Kim and Adam Heaton
Shauna and Mike Kemp
Brett Olsen
Angela Merrick
Bishop Logan Freeman and Daina Freeman

My Family:
My mom Connie. My mom sat to my right.
Grandma and Grandpa, Janeal and Glenn Hancock
Aunt and Uncle, Carla and Don Campbell
Aunt and Uncle Linda and Jon Meier
Stepmom, Kathie Hancock
Stepbrother and his lovely wife, Mac and Shannon Bludworth

John's Family:
John's mom, Wendy Reeder. She sat to his left.
John's dad, Tom Reeder. He was one of our witnesses. He had broken his hip about a week before and we heard last minute he was going to be there. He was brought from the hospital and was in a wheelchair. They took him back to the hospital right after the sealing.
John's Aunt and Uncle, Cheryl and Eugene Carbine
John's cousin and wife, Eldon and Sharla Carbine

Close friends of family that have become close friends of ours:
Tom and Penny Gwilliam and their son Brandon Gwilliam
Charles and Zella Dahlquist
Gene and April Goodrich

My friend from school:
Michell O'Ryan Egbert and her husband

I didn't know what to expect. It was like a heavenly marriage ceremony. Very cool! We found out later that the sealer was John's uncle's mission companion from 45 years ago. What are the odds? And they had just met up a week before after 45 years for a missionary reunion.

So John and I were basically married and sealed to each other and then the sealer said something like, "Doesn't it feel wonderful? But something's missing." John said something like, "Yeah 3 little ones." Then the little angels were brought in. You could feel their excitement in the air. John and I were kneeling across the altar from each other and the kids were put on all sides of us. Jessie put her little hand on mine and smiled up at me angelically. We were then sealed as a family for all eternity. We were told to line up in front of the mirror to see for ourselves our forever family. Very powerful. I'm sure we will never forget that image.

I think tears were falling about every 5 minutes. Happy, joyful, spiritual tears. I'm talking about mine, but I know there were others joining me in a crying session here and there. We were lined up, our little family, just like at a wedding reception. Our friends and family came by to congratulate us. Lot's of hugs and kisses and happy happy tears. I reached down to hug Tom in his wheelchair and asked him how he was feeling. He said, "I'm so proud of you. You look so beautiful." I later found out he was in a lot of pain.

Our guests departed and John and I were alone in the hall for a moment. What a great time to reflect and feel such love and peace together. I was hoping we would go back into the celestial room with our guests, but they weren't in their temple clothes. I didn't know you had to request that. I just assumed they would all be in white. :(

I also thought we'd all be able to go out and take pictures as a family in white. Not in our temple clothes. I was a bit bummed.

John and I were led back to change. It was a very cool feeling as we walked hand in hand up the hall and down the stairs. We saw my uncle Don as we walked down the stairs. He was watching us walk down. The temple matron pointed me to the Men's locker room thinking it was the women's. Luckily we were told it was the Men's before we went in there.

Around the same time I met back up with my mom and she helped me change. I was told that John was still changing and we were going to pick up the kids together. We waited and waited and I couldn't believe he was taking so long. About 7 minutes later, my mom came to find me. Everyone was waiting outside for me so we could take pictures. John had already picked up the kids and they were waiting for me. Again kind of bummed.

It was getting cold, so we tried to hurry with the picture taking. We had fun though and even got a big group photo of everyone there. (that hadn't already left)

We had 3 photographers, my dad, Jake, and my uncle Don. We felt pretty special having our own little paparazzi. We didn't know which camera to look at. I can't wait to see all the pictures.

Next...... the reception.


  1. I started bawling when your kids came in! It was so special! I remembered wondering where you were when John came out with the kids. I'm so sorry, it seems like even though it's wonderful it's not always how you picture...but it was the right thing. I can't wait to see the pictures too!

  2. No matter how prepared you think you are... nothing is ever as you imagine it will be.

    On that note, the good things were even better than I imagined. :)

    My dad printed up pics for me.. I just need to pick them up.

  3. P.S. John apologized for acting like a butt earlier that day.

  4. I LOVE the polka dots!!! So cute!!! Sharla did a great job here. And your button is so cute I am stealing it for my blog!!!
    Great job Sharla!!!!


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