Monday, October 12, 2009

Introducing the rest of the family...

Married to: John

We knew each other in middle school. Started dating in high school and have been together ever since. I will post our detailed story another time. He is a welder. He joined the Navy when we were both 21 and had not even been married a year. He was a Damage Controlman (DC) in the Navy. Basically he was in charge of repairing the ship if need be during battle. For instance, if there was a hole in the side of the ship, we would have to find any means to repair that hole. He was also in charge of teaching all the other sailors fire-fighting skills. He was on the USS John Hancock in Mayport Florida from 1999-2000. (deccomissioned the ship) He was on the USS Shiloh in San Diego from 2000-2003.He was a recruitor in West Valley Utah from 2003-2003. He was on the USS Arco in Point Loma (sub-base) from 2003-2006. He was on the USS Pelileu in San Diego from 2006-2008. He got out of the Navy October 30, 2008. He now is a welder/pile driver for a great company. He can do just about anything. He is very good with projects. He can think it and actually make it come to life. He is a hard worker! He is sarcastic and funny. He has very little patience. He is extremely good looking! :) He is by far my very best friend!

Oldest child: Jeremy (boy-12)
Such a mix. He is ADHD, has dealt with depression and anxiety since he was about 7, possibly bi-polar. He has a learning disability and school is hard and frustrating for him. If things don't happen the way he expects them too, his world comes crashing down. He is very sensitive which can be good and bad. He is not always easy to get along with or understand where he's coming from, but if you take the time to get to know him and give him a chance he is really sweet and really smart. He is also very creative and has a fun sense of humor. He makes up songs for the dog and dances with her. He loves Legos and made me the Beatles out of his legos for a birthday party decoration.. it was so cool! He will blow you away with information on some very interesting stuff.

Middle child: Tristan (girl-9)
She is my helper girl. She's a little mommy. I can depend on her at least 90% of the time. She is responsible and very mature for her age. She can be very good with her little sister. She is sometimes shy. She's a wonderful student and seems to really love school. There was a time when she would get extremely angry about something and would become fuming mad. Her pupils would become huge and all you could see was black in her eyes. I was very concerned. Dr's didn't find anything wrong with her. She is better with that, but there are still times where she gets so mad, she shuts down and you can't seem to reach her. Is that a sign of bi-polar? It runs strong in our family. She loves karaoke. She likes Pink and Hannah Montanah. She loves playing the drums on Beatles Rock Band.

Baby: Jessica (girl-5)
My little clone. She is so much like me. She looks like me when I was little.(Only she is not shy like I was) She even became a Beatles fan at a young age. She was singing Beatles songs when she was 1 1/2. I am not kidding! She thinks Paul McCartney is her boyfriend and she used to have John Lennon as her imaginary friend. She is very loving and loves to sing. She makes up songs at least once a day. She is hardly ever in a bad mood unless her brother or sister are picking on her. She hates cleaning her room.
She's my little monkey. She was even born "year of the monkey" She is fun and silly and I hope she never grows up.


  1. You kids are so adorable! If you ever need a sitter I'm sure they'd love to come play with my kids! (Or you can come too!) When they walked into the room that's when I lost it. They are lucky to have you and John as their parents.

  2. Thank you! We should definitely get together and let them play.
    I cannot wait until someone invites me to a sealing with kids so I can see it for myself. I lost it about every 3 minutes... it was so sweet when Jessie came in with her sweet little smile and sat down next to me and held my hand. She's my little angel. I think Jeremy seemed extra grown up that day and Tristan was my goldilocks. I am very grateful that our kids could share such a special day with us. A lot of people told me that was the neatest sealing they had ever been to! That's a powerful statement. We had a huge turnout at the baptism and then this.. goes to show we have an awesome family, awesome ward and awesome friends! We feel extremely blessed!


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