Monday, November 8, 2010

To my 16 year old self

I was inspired to participate in this post by One Cluttered Brain who was inspired by Scary Mommy..

So here's what I'd say to my 16 year old self:

You are NOT fat!!! You just matured quicker than everyone else and don't have a scrawny little girl's body. One day you will look back and wish you were what you thought and others made you feel as "fat".

Let the boys down gently. You'll regret it later that you were mean to him when he was so good to you.

Spend just a little more time with your girlfriends, one day they may move away and you'll be lucky to see them like you used to, although, facebook helps.

You don't always need a boyfriend!

Try not to get too attached.

I know you are more mature than others your age and it feels so right, but maybe you should slow down just a bit.

Does he really love you? Because you really could end up heartbroken and it could affect you for a long time!

Stick to the voice lessons for at least another year, you're having so much fun and really getting good at it. This is what you love!

Keep working on those short stories. One day you could be a published author! 


Wow... that got personal!

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  1. oh ya..I forgot about the fat thing...
    I'd say that too.
    You took voice lessons?
    Very cool.
    Thanks for writing this post...very cool!


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