Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween- You tell me

So, I want to know-:

1- Did you trick or treat on Saturday or Sunday?

2- Did YOU dress up with your kids?

3- What is your favorite picture from this Halloween?

Now, let me answer my own questions.

1- Saturday. I figured even if we wanted to go trick or treating on Sunday (which we have before)- we'd be outnumbered. I mean we live in Utah. So unless you know which houses would be giving out candy on Sunday, it would be hit and miss and probably tiring and disappointing.
We were so busy Friday and Saturday doing things that we didn't make caramel apples until Sunday and I never had time to carve my pumpkin.  At least the kids did theirs on Saturday.

My husband did the Mickey Mouse part, my daughter turned it into Minnie.

My 6 year old's design: Minnie Mouse dressed up as a bunny for Halloween

2- I dressed up on Friday when our church had their Halloween party, and it was so much fun. 

My charming children

 I was in a very Halloweeny mood. However, on Saturday, it just wasn't feeling like Halloween. We had my dad and step mom over for pizza, and we had a nice time, but I just wasn't so much in the go all out Halloween mood. I did wear my festive Halloween shirt and after awhile threw on a mask to try and scare the trick or treaters that came to our house.  Hubby was dressed scarier than me though. He was holding the candy bowl on the porch. I wanted to see if kids would approach him. This little boy comes up and tells me that I don't scare him. Then he reaches his little hand into the candy bowl and doesn't seemed phased by my husband until hubby lunges toward him and makes some sort of scary sound. Funniest thing ever. I wish I had caught it on video.

3- My favorite picture this Hallowen:

We were at our church Halloween party and I couldn't resist snatching this baby up. I mean, come on, I was dressed as Jack Sparrow. I approached the dad and said I think this baby belongs to me and he handed her over. She just studied me for a minute and let me hold her.


  1. oh that's awesome. So U went trick or treating Sat then?
    We went Saturday AND Sunday....

  2. Yes we went trick or treating on Saturday. Did the few houses in our neighborhood and then headed to the in-laws neighborhood. That was fun!

    How was it to go Saturday and Sunday? Was that the norm in your area? Did you dress up with your kids?

  3. Thank you for finding me. I love how you can have things in common with people you have never met! I look forward to reading more. Looks like you enjoyed the holiday!! Fun pictures.

  4. Emily- you're welcome. Thanks for stopping by! It is crazy cool how the internet can connect people like that.


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