Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's such a good feeling

Just another day around here. The kids were all scheduled for their dental cleaning. It's in our old neighborhood which is now 40 minutes away. I don't mind the drive, and it's cheaper than going to the dentist nearby. Plus they know me and the kids and we love them!   :)

I usually carry around a few of my books with me and I have bookmarks, stickers, etc.  I brought a book to read because I knew I'd have some time between 3 kids' cleanings. The receptionist noticed the book I had brought and asked if it was the latest Richard Paul Evans book. Alas it was not. I still hadn't read his book from 2008- Grace. My mom gets me his latest book every year. I don't think she did last year though. Anyway he IS my favorite author, but ever since my husband got out of the Navy and I started homeschooling my kids, there's not a lot of ME time.

Since we're talking books, I mention how I recently wrote a book and my girls helped me illustrate it. She responded warmly. I then let her read the book. She was working, so she was only able to read a page or two at a time here and there. After a while she finishes and approaches me with tears in her eyes. She was so touched. She told me how impressed she was with the book and how in awe she was at me and what I do for others.  I never expect that. It happens from time to time, but it is never expected. I hope that people like my book, I am ecstatic when they love it.  I was so touched that my book touched her like that. She has children who can't have children, so she could relate. The assistant overheard us and she was impressed as well.  It just feels so darn good. Not everyone understands surrogacy or even respects us as surrogates. Even though I had already felt blessed by each surrogacy experience in itself, the blessings keep pouring down. I am in awe that helping someone else can feel so good for so long.

To top it off- NO CAVITIES for any of the kids. Wow!

As we got closer to home I decided to stop by our neighborhood library. I had been wanting to drop off one of my books. Plus, we hadn't checked anything out for awhile. We head in and I approach one of the librarians. I tell her I want to donate a book. She asks if it's to pay off a fine or damage. I say no- it's mine. I wrote it, I just thought it would be fun to bring it in. She said Oh wow and turns around and tells another lady that I wrote the book. I guess they don't usually have authors bring in their books.
:) Another good feeling. It's been one of those days that has left me feeling optomistic and happy.

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  1. You donated your book to the library?
    That is awesome.
    But then again, U R pretty AWESOME yourself lady!


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