Saturday, November 6, 2010

Game Over Frogger

Sad to say we lost a pet last week. It was quite devestating for the girls, especially little Jessica. She cried and cried. We only had Frogger for about a month. He(?) was a fire bellied toad.

     Frogger the day we got him   
                                                 Also the day we got him, can you find him?

Somehow Kermit's still alive and croaking. The little guy's got gumption or something. He's a tough little critter. Tristan (my 10 year old daughter) found him over the summer and brought him home.

Kermit with Jessie when he was still new to us.

For a little guy he can move fast when it comes to flies. He doesn't catch them with his tongue, he lunges/hops at them. He is 99% accurate at swallowing them in one hop.

One time there were some flies in the truck that didn't want to leave. The girls put Kermit in the cab and he went to town. Talk about fast food feast. Jessica said with one fly he actually reached out his little froggy hand and grabbed him and ate him like a banana. (whatever that means)

Kermit's a singer. We've all been caught off guard to hear this strange noise and wonder what the heck it is. I only recently heard it for my first time. My cousin heard it while she frog-sat for us and my girls hear it almost daily. Anyway, last night he was in the kitchen croaking to me while I did the dishes. It was awesome.

We are happy that Kermit is still with us, but please join us in a moment of silence to remember Frogger.

I wanted to add another picture and video... but it's just not working out!   :(


  1. We have a Fire Bellied Toad, and the guy at the pet store said they don't last very long. So sorry to hear of your loss. I'm dreading the day Hoppers stops hopping. :-(

  2. Thanks Heidi.

    When we got him the lady at the pet store told me we had to bring it back if it ever died. I was not looking forward to that. Well when we took his body back she asked how long ago did we buy him. We said about 2 months. She said they only have a 14 day policy. We could have gotten another frog if he'd died within 14 days. So then I felt dumb for bringing in a dead frog. The girls will probably get another one for their birthdays which is coming up.


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