Monday, January 28, 2013

How do you make babies?

How do you make babies?
Simple, one baby step at a time. Ha ha ha. Especially when you're dealing with surrogacy.
There are lots of baby steps involved and they are all exciting and important.

There are multiple baby steps within the contract phase which is where we are now.
I was excited this morning because we were one step closer to signing contracts.
Then I started my period which is one of the next steps. Exciting little things.
I didn't expect to start my period for another week or two. It's been a little off kilter lately. 
The clinic had calculated that my next period would start today, January 28th. That was too precise. I thought yeah, good luck with that. That would be 28 days since my last period which was January 1st. My period is usually more like every 30 days or so when things aren't out of whack.

And yet somehow we're right on target. Which means a fast track to our embryo transfer. *hopefully*
The clinic started me on Estrace (Estradiol) and Baby Aspirin today. I started Prenatal Vitamins a few weeks ago. I think I mentioned that this time around we are doing a no shot protocol. It is so weird for me to do this without shots. But I'm not complaining.

I am super excited and full of happy, positive energy.
The only hold up is finalizing the contract. We are this close, but there are a few loose ends.
I am praying and keeping fingers crossed that everything keeps falling into place.

IF all goes well and quickly with contracts we are looking at February 18 as our earliest possible transfer date. We're talking just a few weeks. Oh my gosh! 

I have had lots of good signs lately from everything happening today to an awesome positive pregnancy dream the other night.
Wish us luck to get to the next baby step. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fun with Unemployment

Does this make sense to you?

 John was able to get unemployment while going to school and didn't have to put in contacts. (he had no work search requirements) He was approved to receive unemployment while attending school full-time. And we were grateful, because this helped us stay in our home!

Then he got a part time job and still didn't have to put in contacts.

Now he has a full time job. He still qualifies for what is left of unemployment, yet he has to put in 4 contacts a week as his job search requirement. So then, if he only gets 15 hours one week, he can get unemployment, but ONLY if he looks for another job? He should be getting 34-40 hours/week. It is nice to know that if he doesn't, he can get unemployment, but if you HAVE a job, why would you look for another job just to get unemployment? OR why would you look for another job just because you got shorted on hours one week? How do people screw the system when it's so hard to do it the right way?

They denied him benefits during his transition period of quitting one job and starting another. It was going from Christmas week to New Years week. He worked until December 28th and started the New job January 2nd. The denial was basically a computer glitch. It asked for the old job's address and had a list to choose from and then told us the one we chose was invalid. Therefore we couldn't proceed, therefore he was denied because he didn't provide information.

So then, the next week with New Years... no one worked on New Years. The new job was with a new company and hadn't quite been up and running yet. So there wasn't much do to. They found a few things for John to do and he got maybe 15 hours or so that week. Again, keep in mind that one of those days was a holiday! Well, when he filed for unemployment that week he was denied. We found out it was because he didn't put in his 4 contacts. He only put in the one, because he had JUST started a job.

The guy called to talk to John and was rude to him. He didn't understand why he didn't work 40 hours that week! Well obviously, this guy works for the state and his hours don't fluctuate like the rest of the world. I'm sure that guy didn't get 40 hours that week, with New Years being a holiday. P.S. He was supposed to call this guy to clear up the issue and he was told to call him the next day which was a Friday between 9 AM-4 PM. He called around 10:00 only to get a voice mail saying the guy isn't in on Fridays. So, how is this guy getting 40 hours a week? He should put in 4 contacts!!!  LOL.

Here's the fun part, John's new job gets paid every 2 weeks. Without unemployment, we went 2 weeks without any sort of income. That's really fun to do right after Christmas. John did get his last check with his old job during that time. It was for $80.

I was bound and determined to fight both denials. We appealed and we were all ready to go. Then the guy calls and is wanting to try to get it cleared up so it doesn't have to go to appeals. Hmmm, interesting. He calls again a few days later and says John's case "fell through the cracks". It is finally getting fixed and he will get the unemployment for both weeks. Yay! Persistence people. If you feel that something isn't right, do all you can to try and get it fixed! We sent messages, wrote letters, called, and then appealed.

I still don't understand though why he didn't need to put in 4 contacts when he didn't have a job or when he had a small part time job, but he needs to with a full time job. Such a headache!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Guest Blogger/Post Kate from A Girl For All Time

Top 10 Tips Every Parent Should Follow

As parents, it is only natural that we all want to do a fantastic job of raising our children.  It takes great courage to be a parent, given the level of commitment and responsibility that is required of us.

We looked at ten top tips that won’t do the job for you, but will give you the confidence and the conviction to be the best parent you can be.

1. Relax

There isn’t a ‘right’ way to be a parent, so stop fretting about whether or not you are doing the ‘right’ thing. What works for some parents and children might not for others. Be confident that whatever works for you is the best thing to do.

2. Appreciate Play

You go to work every day, and probably take great pride in it. The time your children spend playing with their favourite dolls, for example, is their equivalent. Take the time to appreciate what they do, and spend time with them as they do it to aid social and emotional development.

3. Communicate

Speak, listen, and engage in non-verbal communication as much as possible. Smiles, hugs, waves, and games of ‘peek-a-boo’ are all great ways to ‘speak without speaking.’

4. Build Good Habits

Children are eager when they are young, so take the time at an early stage to build good habits, whether this is in the food they eat, the way they brush their teeth, or reading for 30 minutes before bed.

5. Encourage Questions

Children are curious by nature, and as a parent you can encourage this by answering all of their questions and helping them to build their understanding of the world around them.

6. Learn About Children

Understand how youngsters develop, why they do certain things, or what they need in order to flourish. Above all, recognise that your child is unique, and you know them better than anyone, or any book, ever will.

7. Promote Individuality

It is easy for parents to try and lead their children a particular route, especially when it comes to hobbies and interests. Support your child’s individuality, and encourage them to explore avenues even if they aren’t the ones you would ordinarily promote yourself.

8. Make Time for Family Activities

Modern life is busier than ever, and as such families can often resemble ships passing in the night, with parents coming and going to work and children at school or spending time with friends. Ensure there is a fixed period of each day or week where you commit to spending time together.

9. Follow Home Rules

It can be difficult to establish good behaviour patterns and rules if you have children of varying ages, however teenagers will have to be supportive of any initiatives you have in place in order to manage younger ones, for example an earlier bedtime.

10. Make Time for Yourself

Yes, parenting is a 24/7 job, but there are those precious moments when you can make time for yourself. Whether it is listening to music, catching up on sleep, or enjoying a coffee in town, even the small things will help to refresh and re-energise you.

A Girl For All Time are unique doll makers in the UK and US that provide quality collectible dolls for enthusiasts and collectors.



Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gestational and Traditional Surrogacy and a book review

Did you know that there are different kinds of surrogates. I mean beside good ones and bad ones. Ha! But seriously, there are Gestational Surrogates (GS) and Traditional Surrogates (TS). What the heck is the difference?

Well, when surrogacy was first around I believe most if not all surrogates were Traditional Surrogates. The surrogate would use her own eggs combined with sperm from the Intended Father to produce a baby for the couple to raise as their own. Technically the child was in part their own, thanks to the fathers contribution, but the child was also genetically related to the Surrogate. There are still Traditional Surrogates today. Sometimes an infertile couple needs an egg donor AND a surrogate. A Traditional Surrogate acts as both. I think it is very admirable, but I don't think it is for everybody.

So then, what is a Gestational Surrogate? Well that would be surrogates like me. I have carried babies for infertile couples using their embryos. Sometimes the embryo was made up of the mother and father's genetics, sometimes an egg donor was involved. Either way, I was only a carrier for the baby(s). I was in no way genetically tied to or related to the baby(s). I was just the stork. I was an organ donor, donating my uterus, nothing else.

When I went to my medical screening awhile back (for my current surrogacy journey), I took some things to keep me busy on the plane and at the airport. Among those things was a book titled My Egg, My Womb, Your Baby! by Dawn Marmorstein. I was so excited to read a book about surrogacy while I was starting another surrogacy of my own.

Dawn has been a Traditional Surrogate three times. I was very curious to read how different her story would be compared to my own surrogacy experiences. In some ways, it was very different, but the feelings involved were very much the same. It all comes down to helping couples become parents.

"Dawn enjoyed being pregnant so much when she carried her own children that she decided she wanted to help others who were unable to create their own family. After doing some research, Dawn decided that she wanted to become a Traditional Surrogate mother -- both egg donor and surrogate mother -- who would be genetically related to the surrobaby she carried who ultimately destined to be given to another family. while modernly, most surrogacies are gestational surrogacies, where there is a separate egg donor who provides the egg for the carrying surrogate mother, Dawn's journey with traditional surrogacy created three babies related to her, each with her knowledge and consent that two would given to two separate same sex recipients, and one would go to a traditionally married couple.

I thought to myself," I could carry someone else's baby!"  

It did not take me long to read the book. I got caught up in each experience she wrote about. It was so interesting to read all the similarities as well as the differences between traditional and gestational surrogacy. I thought it was really neat that Dawn and I had a lot in common. We both stumbled upon surrogacy on the internet, we both got a self-esteem boost and felt our sexiest when pregnant. We are both on our 4th surrogacy journeys.

She had plenty of ups and downs between different hospitals and agencies. At one point she was accused of having an affair with the baby's father. Dawn eventually decided to start up her own agency, Los Angeles Surrogacy Center.

Dawn's writing is real and raw. It is a wonderful look inside the surrogacy world. You should definitely read this book. You will not want to put it down.

Learn more about Dawn, her agency and her book below.

Buy My Egg, My Womb, Your Baby! on Amazon:

On Smashwords:

Facebook Pages:

Dawn's website:

Dawn's Surrogacy Blog:

*Disclaimer- Dawn and I exchanged books about surrogacy for review. Read her review about my book here:

Friday, January 11, 2013

Sorry for any hurt feelings!

Every now and then I say something on my blog that might end up in hurt feelings.  (as far as I know, it's only happened twice)

That is never my intention.. to hurt feelings or to call someone out on something. I usually take my time with every post and read it over multiple times before posting.

Sometimes I need a place to vent and this where I go.

Sometimes I forget that my blog is linked to Facebook.

I am usually very careful about what I say and how I say it, but sometimes things pile on and it's all too much at once.

Sometimes I say things that could be taken the wrong way.

Sometimes I show my human side. Sometimes I make mistakes.

I sincerely apologize for any hurt feelings!

P.S. This is not intended to substitute as an individual apology. That is private, but I wanted to offer a public apology.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Guest Post by Author Steven Manchester (Goodnight, Brian)

Please welcome Steven Manchester, author of Goodnight, Brian on tour January 2013- March 2013.

Goodnight Brian diagnosis excerpt

Brian was eleven months old when Doctor Alexander summoned the Mauretti family into his office to deliver the final verdict. Mama insisted that she be there. No one objected.
It was a late winter afternoon, a howling wind knocking on blocks of ice that were once windows. Doctor Alexander sat behind his tidy desk, looking distressed. Joan nearly cried when she saw his demeanor and immediately leaned on Frank for support. Avoiding initial eye contact, the young doctor was clearly having trouble offering his prognosis. He cleared his throat and finally reported, “We’ve discovered that Brian has metabolic alkalosis.”
“He has what?” Frank asked.
“Metabolic alkalosis is a blood disorder that affects an infant’s ability to digest properly and gain weight. It’s caused by a lack of chloride, or sodium, in the diet.”
“So what does that mean for Brian?” Joan asked.
“Several of Brian’s tests have shown some abnormality in the frontal area of his brain.”
Joan, Frank and Mama’s silence begged for the man to embellish. The doctor took another long pause, making Joan feel like her heart was going to explode. She tried to slow down the hyperventilating. It was no use.
“Your son’s development has been severely damaged,” he finally told Joan and Frank directly. “And at this point, I believe it’s irreversible.”
“Irreversible? I don’t understand?” Joan screeched, frightened for her baby boy’s future. She felt so lightheaded that the room began to spin.
Doctor Alexander shook his head. “It means that Brian will never walk.”
“Never walk?” Frank repeated, his face instantly bleached to white.
“I’m sorry, but we don’t believe he will.” He scanned the reports in front of him and took another deep breath. “It’s also doubtful that Brian will ever talk or communicate effectively.”
Joan looked toward her mother again, her terrified eyes begging for help. Mama got to her feet and took a defensive posture.
Without acknowledging the old woman, the doctor went on, “Brian may never be able to do what normal children—or adults—are able to do.” He paused again. “We believe it may have been caused by the Neo Mulsoy formula. The low chloride concentration in his urine is substantial proof that the sodium deficiency within the soy formula has been the primary cause of Brian’s medical problems.”
While the doctor tried to explain further, Joan wailed, “Oh God, what did I do to my boy?”
“You didn’t do anything,” Doctor Alexander and Mama vowed in unison.
The doctor backed off, allowing the old lady to take over. She grabbed her daughter’s panicked face. “This wasn’t you,” Mama promised. “You did nothing wrong!” She shook her head. “And this is only one opinion. There are other doctors…more tests.”
While Joan wept sorrowfully, Frank rested his hand on his wife’s leg and stared helplessly at the doctor. “But Doctor Carvalho prescribed the formula to Brian,” he muttered in a wounded voice, as if it would make some difference.
“There’s no way he could have known at that time that it would have caused your son harm,” the man replied.
“You say he’ll never walk?” Joan cried.
“Sorry, but I really don’t believe he will,” the doctor answered, sadly.
“Or talk?” Joan gasped, trying to breathe.
The man slowly shook his head. “I have to believe that the damage to your son’s frontal lobe will prohibit any real speech.”
As Joan struggled to continue her panicked line of questioning, Mama shook her gray, curly head. “That’s crap!” she said, loud enough for everyone to hear.
The young doctor turned his attention to her. “I realize that this is…”
“You’re wrong!” Mama insisted, taking a step toward him.
“Excuse me?” he asked. “I know this isn’t easy to hear, but…” The man shot her a kind smile, but Mama wasn’t swayed. “I’m so sorry, but Brian is now mentally disabled,” he concluded.
“No. I don’t think you understand,” Mama replied, staring straight into his sapphire eyes. “Our boy is going to walk. He’s going to talk. He’s going to ride a bike, swim, and learn to do everything that any other kid can do. It might take a little more doing, but I guarantee it!”
Although it was the slightest movement, the doctor shook his head at her foolish hope. “Believe me, I wish that were true, but…”
“Wishing won’t have anything to do with it. No, this’ll take faith and determination, and the love and support of our entire family.”
Unable to do more, Doctor Alexander turned back to Joan and Frank. “I’m here for whatever you need.”
“For what?” Frank barked, his shock turning to rage. “It was a doctor who ruined my son’s life!” By this point, Joan was nearly rolled into the fetal position, her body paralyzed from the devastating news.
Doctor Alexander nodded compassionately and, handing Frank a piece of paper, concluded, “This is a different soy-based formula that you folks can start Brian on, as well as an additional chloride supplement. We’ll talk about solid foods and other alternatives during his next visit.” Patting Joan’s shoulder, he said, “I’m so sorry” and stepped out of the room.
Mama watched the back of him disappear down the long hall and nodded herself into the slightest smirk. In that one moment, she realized her life’s mission had just begun.
While Joan sobbed and convulsed, Frank held his head in his hands, trying to process it all. Mama grabbed her dejected daughter’s face again and forced Joan to look into her eyes. She spoke sternly. “Joan, you listen to me right now. That doctor’s wrong! Brian’s going to write his own story. He’s going to sing his own song and no one’s going to sing it for him. It’s his life and it’s between him and God…not some fool doctor who’s had so much schooling that he’s forgotten the power of faith.”
Joan shook her head. “But, Ma…” she sobbed. “You heard him. Brian’s brain has been damaged.” The final word made her wail out in pain.
“Your Nana said that she had such a difficult time bringing me into the world that she nearly died. And the horse doctor who assisted in the birth told her that I just wouldn’t be right.”
Frank looked up from his spell and began to quietly weep.
Mama nodded again. “Yep,” she said, with burning determination. “Brian’s going to be as right as rain. I guarantee it. Only God knows how…but that’s enough.”

Brief Synopsis: 
Fate was working against little Brian Mauretti. The food that was meant to nourish him was poisoning him instead, and the doctors said the damage was devastating and absolute. Fate had written off Brian. But fate didn’t count on a woman as determined as Brian’s grandmother, Angela DiMartino – who everyone knew as Mama. Loving her grandson with everything she had, Mama endeavored to battle fate. Fate had no idea what it was in for.

An emotional tale about the strength of family bonds, unconditional love, and the perseverance to do our best with the challenging gifts we receive, Goodnight, Brian is an uplifting tribute to what happens when giving up is not an option.
Author Bio:  Steven Manchester is the published author of the #1 best seller, Twelve Months, as well as A Christmas Wish (the holiday prequel to Goodnight, Brian). He is also the Pressed Pennies, The Unexpected Storm: The Gulf War Legacy and Jacob Evans, as well as several books under the pseudonym, Steven Herberts. His work has appeared on NBC's Today Show, CBS's The Early Show, CNN’s American Morning and BET’s Nightly News. Recently, three of his short stories were selected "101 Best" for Chicken Soup for the Soul series. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So long 2012 #HappyNewYear2013

Any regrets this year? Any proud moments? What did you think of 2012?

Another year over, a new one just begun. ~ John Lennon

It's been a full year for me. I've had a lot going on, some good, some bad. In the bad moments I wish I wasn't going through it, but everything we went through has brought about positive change. Even the not knowing has pushed us to do better and find ways to survive. I'm not holding back, this is all raw and real. Read on to hear my Roller Coaster ride of 2012.

My year in review

January 2012

My sweet baby girl turned 8 this year on January 6, 2012. 

Also in January, I signed up to be a papergirl. My husband was laid off in October 2011. He was turning in job applications left and right, but not getting anywhere. I wanted to help out. John (my husband) hopped on board with me. It was fun at first delivering papers, we even got the kids involved since we were homeschooling them. What a hands on opportunity. It was a little crazy working EARLY hours. We would go to bed around 9:00 PM, get a few hours of sleep and then sort papers about 4:00 AM. We had to have papers delivered BY 6:00 AM.
We would come home exhausted and sleep for a few more hours. It was fun while it lasted. We had the WORST route, and it took us forever to deliver. It really sucked in the snowy, icy weather. We were using our van and had some scary moments. In the end, it wasn't worth it and we quit after 2 weeks. But hey I tried!  Read all about it here:

On FB 1/21/12
Ok Weather- you've got a few more hours and then you need to clear up. We have a lot of papers to deliver for Sunday morning!

Also in January, my husband went back to school. Yep, my hubby goes to college. As I mentioned, he was laid off last year and decided it was time for a change. He is going to school to be a Diesel Mechanic and I'm super proud of him. We are so grateful that he gets help from the VA since he was in the military. You can read a little about that here:

February 2012

I can't think of much going on in February. I believe we were still going through our Short Sale which was CRAZY! People were coming over in spurts and then we'd have some peace and quiet and then another spurt of people coming to look at our home. I think around this time we were starting to get offers on our home.

Here is what I had to say on Facebook in February-

(Oh yeah, I got my new Explorer in February, I was thinking it wasn't until March or April) 

Hello Beautiful! I traded up. (Traded in my 1995 Explorer for a 2003) 
Photo: Hello Beautiful! I traded up.

Photo: Hello Beautiful! I traded up.
Bye bye Bauer! Taking it back to it's maker. (Westland Ford)
Photo: Bye bye Bauer! Taking it back to it's maker. (Westland Ford)

Also on FB:
Helping John with College is a lot different than high school. Wow! But I must admit it feels good to push yourself. It's funny though, we used to stay up late, cuz hey we could always sleep through class, right? Ha! I know I don't physically go with him, but helping him with these 2 online classes is crazy. I don't know how a married couple can both go to college at the same time. I couldn't do it.

March 2012

My son turned 15 March 4, 2012. 

Also in March, I finished and starting submitting a manuscript for another children's book. (non-surrogacy this time) l

On FB:
Lucky me- lunch with some awesome Utah surrogates.

Little black spider crawling on the dirty towel pile = me screaming. Who'd have thought? Although I didn't scream till I tried to flush him down the toilet and he fell off the towel.

April 2012

We're not going anywhere. We decided to put a stop to our short sale. We were bound and determined to stay in our home.

On FB:
Just our luck- we all get ready and out the door on time (early) for church and the parking lot is empty.

My 8 year old gets baptized!


Also time for our annual Supercross adventure! 

May 2012

I want to have your baby! I start looking again as a surrogate for a family to match with.

Me and my mom on Mother's Day

On FB:
Ugh- I do NOT want to go get milk tonight! :( And I don't think I've ever had so much to say in one day. It's like I drank a Rockstar and can't shut up. WTH?

My book went from 4.38 to 4.44 out of 5 stars! Woohoo! :)

Johnny got a C in Humanities. Not bad considering we missed 2 assignments and it was the hardest class. Other than that he got 2 A's and a B! :>

Got my first rejection letter but also my first book order by mail. #Author (rejection on the new manuscript, book order on my already published book)

I can handle all sorts of pain, shots, surgery, etc. but I hate going to the dentist! Now I'm numb and ornery. :(

Have you ever made scrambled eggs in a cup? So easy your kids and even your hubby can do it! :)

Also 5/23/12
Listening to Rod Stewart Camouflage Cd. (on my mp3 player) So funny how certain songs remind you of certain times in your life and evoke feelings/memories. For me it's mainly Jr. High stuff.

June 2012

I was matched, and then I wasn't. Things were good in the beginning. I thought the IM (Intended Mom) was wonderful.

However some things just didn't quite feel right. I started feeling like it was more of a business relationship and that we couldn't be friends. It was all about the surrogacy. I couldn't really get to know her. We'd have our issues, work through it, things would seem fine and then something else would come up. She nearly broke my heart when she let me go. (now I know it was for the best)
Shortly after that I was matched again, but that was weird as well and didn't work out.

Also in June, we had a fire VERY close to us.

On FB:

Don't you just love disrespectful teenagers

We better be watching Breaking Bad tonight, I'm having withdrawals...

Johnny noticed a fire in Eagle Mtn, called 911 and started trying to put it out with a shovel.

Yes the fire is out by us. We can see it from our front porch. Last night we drove around trying to get the best view thinking that would be somewhere in Saratoga Springs. When we got home, the best view was from our porch. From what we know, it's the Ranches and part of Saratoga Springs that is being evacuated. We should be fine. Last night we saw plenty of fire, this morning it was smoke that has spread across the mountain range. Pics to follow.... (I believe this was an additional fire, not the one hubby tried putting out)

One day I saw a bird flying back and forth on the security camera. I wondered if maybe it was building a nest somewhere nearby. Then I noticed maybe the same bird on another security camera flying back and forth. John went to investigate, and a little birdie was building a mud nest ON our security camera. He knocked the little bit that was there down... but the determined birdie built another one. This is the finished product and the birdie-

Hubby felt bad about knocking the nest down and ended up letting this one stay.

I was doing so well over the weekend, but now I'm feeling frustrated and hurt. (over surrogacy match that wasn't working out)

July 2012

Baby Birdies! 

Johnny's Birthday #35 7/20/12

On FB:
I got my kitchen clean and got a little mini workout and I may have a hot date tonight. I'm a happy girl! As a bonus my girls get to sleep over at their cousins again. :-)

I don't think this day could get better. First the orange juice in my cereal this morning. Then I got sick after lunch. Then I get my tongue stuck to a popsicle. Maybe Breaking Bad will make it all better.

S'mores and fireworks, yo!

Somewhere around this time I was matched again as a surrogate and it fell through again.

August 2012

I finally found my perfect match! We clicked right away and started talking a lot! I was so happy! I was cautiously optimistic and tried not to get too excited, but things were very smooth. We quickly built a relationship on trust and honesty. We checked in everyday and truly started getting to know each other. It was the personal relationship I was looking for, not business. I didn't want to jinx it, so I waited awhile before blogging about it.

Then- my family fell apart. (or so it felt) My son has been a handful since he was 3. He is now 15. (at the age of 7 he was diagnosed with ADHD, LD, Anxiety, Dysthymia, Depression and possibly Early Onset Bipolar)  The issues/behavior problems come and go in spurts. I thought things were steady and even good for awhile, but this past year he's been aggressive again. It doesn't help that him and his dad don't get along well and are still adjusting to more time with each other. (John was in the Navy for 10 years, now he's been out and then unemployed so he's around a lot more) They had gotten in a fight in June. Now another one. Something had to change! Jeremy our son, went to live with his Grandma. We put Jeremy back in counseling and John was already going to counseling for some form of PTSD. 

We have made sure that Jeremy knows he is still a part of this family and have involved him in all family activities. We also bring him home on weekends and holidays. We are over at his grandma's house at least once a week, so  that has been a pretty smooth transition. It's all a work in progress and it's had it's ups and downs. Somehow we're all working through it and becoming closer.

At a wedding the weekend before Jeremy moved to his Grandma's.

I thought for sure I would lose this wonderful match. Who would want a surrogate with a family "falling apart"? I gave them the opportunity to run, but they chose to stay. I was honest. She was sweet and concerned, but it didn't change their minds about me and our family. Aw!
Having such a positive person in my life has helped me to heal and push through. I'm so grateful to her and her husband. I've been able to work through things and have something wonderful to look forward to. (Besides a stronger, better family)

At the end of August the girls head back to school. They chose to go back to public school after 2 1/2 wonderful years of homeschooling.  Back to School We go (from homeschooling back to public)

I had to make the hard decision of whether or not to send Jeremy back to school. I had to figure it out quick. School was starting 2 weeks after he moved in with Grandma. We decided to give it a try and enrolled him in the local high school. It was rough at first and he had an awful time in Junior High. They have done some testing and are trying to work with him and his teachers. I am sad that I wasn't there for his first day of High School and I don't have pictures to share.

On FB:
Keep your fingers crossed and a few prayers wouldn't hurt... not gonna tell you because I don't want to jinx it but PLEASE let this work out!!! :)

Looks like this might actually happen, IPs coming to meet me in 3 weeks! :)

Oh my gosh, John is teaching Jeremy how to shave!

Missed it all, here they are all done shaving.
Photo: Missed it all, here they are all done shaving.

Jeremy started 10th grade this morning. We are both filled with anxiety. Wish him luck!

So cool that Tristan is taking ASL. She seems to be liking it and is retaining a lot. I was very impressed when she told me the pledge in sign language. I love that she shows us what she is learning.

September 2012

My birthday #35 9/10/12

I feel safe to shout to the world about my awesome IPs. (Intended Parents)

I get to meet my awesome IPs 9/15/12
Sorry no pictures to share. Maybe one day. Just picture them as awesome!!!
Okay, here are the beautiful flowers my IM brought me when they came to our house-

Anniversary # 15 9/20/12 (Fun and much needed getaway)

On FB:
Jessica made me Frosted Flakes and ice water for my birthday breakfast. ♥

I am so flipping excited to meet my potential IPs this weekend!!! 

I feel super blessed! ♥

Loving the butterflies in my tummy. IPs are flying out tonight to meet me. #Surrogacy :)

They are even better then I imagined in person. Headed to Snowbird now with my IPs.

Not only was today freaking awesome, yesterday John was offered a job. They are even willing to work around his school schedule! :) We are both feeling on top of the world!

Still glowing over the wonderful weekend with IPS. Been working on Anniversary plans for this weekend. What an awesome month September is!

I'm running away this weekend...  (for our anniversary)

Someone slashed one of our tires while we were downtown. Guess we're getting new tires for our anniversary.

October 2012

It's the month of Halloween and Jeremy is disappointed that we aren't doing something fun and Halloweenish EVERY day. We do however got to Frightmares a few times and Nightmare Express.

Jeremy LOVES costumes and has always been a huge Star Wars fan. He became a Lady Gaga fan this year. A huge part of his personality is Lady Gaga/Darth Vader. He loves October because it is more acceptable to dress up.


I blog about the medical screening coming up and the day I met my IPs.

I blog on my way to LA-

And the whole experience-

On FB:

Rewind sentimental style... grateful that John took a chance on a "weird" girl 18 years ago and took her to Homecoming as a friend. Going to get massages tonight. Tried to for our wedding anniversary, but this works out too. 

Double anniversary today because I'm cool like that. Three years ago (10/10/09) my husband and I got sealed in the temple along with our lovely children. I called it a marriage extension/renewal. Two years ago (10/10/10) I released my first book, Once Upon a Surrogate: The Stork's Helpers.

Flying to LA on Monday for my medical screening.
Woofreakinghooyo! #Surrogacy

So excited for tomorrow, but nervous about flying alone.

Headed to bed a little early tonight. Don't want to be a zombie with my IPs tomorrow.

Uterus and ovaries look good, trial transfer went well. Lovely day in LA with IPs.

Psych Eval tomorrow!

Halloween Fun:

Lady Gaga/PokerFace

Gothic Vampire

Darth Gaga (and what he wears everyday minus the mask)

November 2012

On FB:
Hello November!
We are now on a fast track to 2013.

I believe I passed with flying colors! #psycheval #surrogacy 
Next step contracts:

Already craving #ThanksgivingDinner!

11/6/12 Get your Vote on

We voted!

11/6/12 More Surrogacy Progress- Next Steps:

Proud to be with my Veteran Hubby who still looks good in uniform! 

Photo: Proud to be with my Veteran Hubby who still looks good in uniform!

But.... I'm not ready for snow!

11/16/12 There's a surrogate in my backyard!

My Thankful List- Happy Thanksgiving

I didn't expect to, but we did a little bit of Christmas shopping this weekend. Nothing crazy. We didn't volunteer to get trampled. (not worth it anymore) We shopped in the evening and it was quite pleasant.

December 2012

On FB:
As some of you know it's been a rough year for our son. He's back in counseling and I just got some test results back yesterday. He was diagnosed with ADHD, Anxiety, Depression and possibly early onset bipolar at the age of 7/8. He will be 16 in March. We are now dismissing the bipolar and adding PDD/ASD. (Pervasive Developmental Disorder not otherwise specified/ Autism Spectrum Disorder) Anyone else have experience with this? I am not surprised, I just don't know much about it and have gotten used to the previous diagnosis. I am pretty sure we will be working on skills and behaviors in therapy. Lot's of emotions for this mom.

Peppermint ice cream with chocolate sauce.

I know everyone in my life is here for a reason. Thank you for being part of my life! ♥

Happy Wednesday!
12/12/12 :)

Contract was finally sent to my lawyer to review.
Hooray for progress!

It's official. As of today I am the mom of 2 teenagers. Happy Birthday #13 to my sweet Tristan!

John just got home from an interview where he apparently kicked b*** because they like him and want him. Now we negotiate wages. Sounds like a great opportunity and they are working around school hours too! 

PS I think it's funny that my phone censored butt!

Had a great therapy session with Jeremy today. Then about 3 hours later he was fighting with me at Walmart over everything we had so calmly discussed in therapy. Why does he pick Walmart to do most of his fighting? We both ended up in tears and he ended back at Grandma's for the night. Hoping he can understand that I have feelings too and hope he can come back home for Christmas!!! *tears again*

Oh Christmas Tree John style!

Christmas is coming... 

All lit up at night, such a beautiful sight. I love how John can truly bring an idea to life.

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas to all!

12/25/12 (early morning)
Heading to bed feeling peace and blessings. Merry Christmas!

So full of love and good food.

And just like that, it's over. I think hibernation sounds pretty good about now.

Looking forward to some babymaking in 2013. Yes, you read that right! Still waiting on AF and contracts. I'm thinking it will be pushed to a February transfer.
~I'm not the mom. I'm just the stork. (my quote)

Also on 12/28/12 I take hubby to ER for what seems to be Whooping Cough.

I think that about wraps it up. I tried to condense as much as possible while still making it entertaining and including big events.

Goodbye 2012. Hello 2013!