Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Not going anywhere...

Yep that's right. We're not going anywhere. We have decided to stay in our house. We were feeling pretty good about the whole short sale until we started looking at rentals. At first it seemed doable... we might be paying around the same, but we'd be closer to town and family. However, at what cost? Why pay rent for the same amount or more and lose our home? And then start all over, rent for a few years... etc. It didn't make sense anymore. Sure we're still upside down, who isn't? Yes, money is tight, but we've made it this far. We have to tweak a few things here and there, but we plan on making this work and staying at least until John finishes school but possibly, hopefully a few years past that. We are falling in love with our house all over again and the neighborhood as well.


  1. So glad you're staying! Just need to make sure we see you more!

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