Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My husband goes to College

So as I've mentioned before, my life has been busy as my husband goes to school full time. They say if you're a military wife/spouse, you're pretty much IN the military as well. That is so true. I think the same goes for a student's wife/spouse. Especially if you are helping your spouse with homework/classes.

I'm so boring, that's about all that's been going on around here. Well that, and the fact that we're in the middle of a short sale and don't know which way we're headed, if we're coming or going. Not sure why they're called "Short Sales". We started the whole thing back in November. Well okay, so the papers got sent to the wrong department and we had to start over. Now we know that we don't qualify for a loan modification. I guess that doesn't work when you don't have "income".  Even though John gets "paid" to go to school. It's a complicated mess right now. I worry how we'll find a place to rent without this so called "income".

DWS (Department of Workforce Services) is still screwing things up left and right and I'm still left to figure out the mess and how to fix it. I recently had to do a case review and they asked me to verify a bunch of stuff. They had me listed as NEVER MARRIED. How did that happen? Then under medical they listed myself, my husband and my son, but not our 2 girls. And they said that we all were on the same insurance since 1997. Hmmm, then why would we need help? Then it asked to verify a bunch of information that was not there. Talk about frustrating. It asked if anyone EVER served in the military. Then, along with that same question, "Who is the person in need?" How do you answer that. My husband served in the military, but I'm not sure what the need part is.

Earlier we applied for help with school through them, and they denied us. The lady was pretty rude saying she didn't see a need since the VA was covering tuition and giving us money for books and we got a Pell Grant. We explained to her that the VA would give us up to $1000 a year for books, tools and supplies, but hubby will need about $3000. We also have bills to pay, etc. Well, I guess somehow it got on SLCC's record that we were applying for this program, so they list that we have this $1000 outside resource (from DWS) It's kind of biting us in the butt a bit. Part of this review is asking about school assistance. Oh my UGH!


  1. Oh how I LOVE DWS! NOT! I can not get help with child care, even though my husband lives most of the time out of state to get his advanced degree. They told me, since it was a temporary separation he would need to get a job working 15 hours a week for them to cover child care. HELLO, if he could get a job, would he be living out of state to get an advanced degree. The answer is NO! I feel your situation. I hope you get it figured out.

    1. So frustrating! Half the time they make no sense. They told me I couldn't be on food stamps unless I had a job or was looking for a job.. well hello I wouldn't need food stamps if I had a job. I really don't understand how some people abuse the system when it's so hard for us to get help the right way.

  2. Sounds frustrating to say the least! Sorry :( I don't have any experience personally working with the military but it kind of sounds like it's one big mess!

  3. Certainly things within the military and VA can be frustrating, but it's Department of Workforce Services that's giving us headaches.


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