Monday, July 9, 2012

Baby Birdies in our Security Camera Nest

About 2-3 months ago I noticed this bird flying back and forth on the security camera. I wondered if it might have been making a nest under one of the eaves. My husband investigated and sure enough a nest was being built, but not just one, there were two nests and they were ON our security cameras, one in front, one in back.

These were mud nests (well only mud at that point, they weren't nests yet) and we weren't sure what to do, so after a few days hubby knocked the mud off. But the determined little birdies came back and started building another nest. Hubby let it be. (like the Beatles song, yo!)

A few weeks ago I noticed a lovely completed nest out front. It was kind of exciting. At some point my husband noticed eggs. Man that was fast.

I'm assuming this is Mama Bird...

Now this week he noticed that the eggs had hatched. Wow! They are cute in a creepy sort of way.

My girls love checking on the baby birdies.

Sometimes the birdies check on them...

There are 5 birds we've noticed hanging around our house. It' hard to tell who is the mom/dad. They used to fly off when we'd be outside, but they've gotten used to us. They do chirp at us every now and then.

The babies were sleeping when we checked on them tonight. I think there's 5 of them.

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  1. That’s really cute. Now the birds have found a new home, and it’s all thanks to you guys. I’m sure these birds, with the help of your well–designed CCTV camera ^^, will be able to protect you guys and keep you and your house safe and secure all the time. :D

    Max Nilsen

    1. Thanks. It was fun to have them around and it all happened so fast. First the nest, then the babies. they learned to fly quickly and have already left us. I miss them already.


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