Friday, January 14, 2011

Meet the Browns, well mainly Kody from Sister Wives

A few months ago my husband was working on the freeway. Well, that's pretty much his job. That's where you'll usually find him. Anyway in the particular area he was in... he saw this white Lexus drive by and he's got a good eye for detail and thought, "huh, that looks like Kody's car" (from Sister Wives on TLC) He then happens to notice the long blonde hair. He stuttered to the guy he works with " That's the guy on tv.... the the guy with all the wives..."So he yells "KODY!" Kody threw his hand in the air and waved. He drove by again a little later and then again the next day. Each time he seemed to have a grin as my husband called out his name. I believe he honked as well. Hubby came home all star-struck and in the best mood. It was so sweet.

So today my husband calls me on his way home from work. He says, "Hey, I know where Kody lives". I'm thinking.. Cody, an old friend of his. But then I hear the excitement in his voice and realize this is on another level.
He notices this guy shoveling snow, notices the hair, etc, realizes who it is.

My husband's all pumped up and we're talking about how it's probably Robyn's house.. the most recent wife. Well we knew they lived in a city near us, so this wasn't a huge surprise. We always wondered if we'd ever past it. And I'm always hearing other people about how they've seen him around town.

Next thing I know hubby's calling back... "You'll never guess what I just did." I said, "What, did you get his autograph?" He says, "Yes. He's so awesome. He's such a cool guy. He's so nice." Then he tells me he'll fill me in when he gets home.

He comes home with a big grin on his face. Hands me a photo. It's a Christmas photo card of the whole family and it's signed by Kody and 3 of the wives, Meri, Christine and Robyn. He then fills me in about how he got up the nerve to go over to the house and get out and talk to him. He wants me to let you all know, that's he's usually not so easy to approach people like that. He walked up to Kody, told him he knew who he was and that we were big fans.

He said that Meri had pulled in shortly after. My husband didn't have a camera with him, so he asked for an autograph to show his wife. Kody said he'd do better than that. He started to invite him in and mentioned something about a book, then said wait here. He had asked my name and signed the photo/card to us with the wives signing it as well.

Hubby said while Kody was inside, he (dh) continued to shovel the driveway for him. He also said that they were unloading tables and chairs from Meri's car. It looked as though they were filming, and he did see a camera filming out the door. Who knows, maybe hubby's in the shot. He asked Kody if the show was still going to be on and Kody mentioned March. Hubby tells him again we are big fans and thanks him.

He kept telling me how nice the guy was, just like you see him on the show.


  1. I've known Kody since he only had Meri, and yes he is a nice guy.

    My wife bumped into him at the grocery store (they had never met) but she told him who she was (my wife) and caught up a little, since I haven't talked to him for a few years.

  2. That is crazy! My mom and I are ADDICTED to the show! :) HOWWW cool!

  3. p.s. (lori) is brittany from unexpected surprises. lol oops I forgot my mom was logged on from her account! ha ha


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