Sunday, January 30, 2011

Books and skates

This started out on FB, but I had so much to say, I figured it was better classified as a blog post, where it would soon after be published on FB. Win win, right?

I felt really cool yesterday as I looked around Deseret Book and recognized some of my author friends. (books) I then had to show off to my husband- I know her and her and her..... I've heard a lot about this book, etc. Remember, I won a copy of this book? I beamed and beamed.

I was not impressed that the lady that worked there didn't think they sold Richard Paul Evans' latest book. She asked if it was a Christmas book. I said I don't think so.. I'm pretty sure it came out before Christmas. She told me that it may be in the back with the Christmas books, although it was not on sale with the other Christmas merchandise. She then found it "put away" in the Christmas section. Needless to say, the only book I bought was a really cool book (on clearance) about Utah that I will be adding to our homeschool Library. (Titled Utah Featuring the Art Of Eric Dowdle Text By William Kurtis) It's a HUGE book that just LOOKS so dang awesome. The original price reads $34.95! I got it for $7.99.    :)
I found it last minute after I told my husband that I could get these books a lot cheaper somewhere else.

I really don't care for Deseret Book. Or at least not that one in particular. Not much selection unless you're strictly looking for LDS or inspirational. I was looking for books on writing and there were none. I also didn't care for their prices. (except of course for the great deal I got and they do have good clearance, just not always what I'm looking for) It did smell good in there though.

I came home and got on Amazon and can get 3 of the books I wanted for the price of 1- WITH free shipping.

Yesterday we also got to have some good old fashioned FUN! It  was a birthday party for 2 of my nieces. We went to my sisters house for pizza, cake and ice cream. Then we went rollerskating. Yes, we as in I participated. Holy crap was I rusty. (and there are no photos or video, hee hee hee) But I did get better as the day went on. Wore me out though. I've been off and on sick and today I am taking the day to recuperate.


  1. Aww..Maybe you could mingle tomorrow if you are up for it. And feeling better.
    i don't care for DeseretBook either.

  2. CB- That would be cool, haven't done that for awhile or much at all.


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