Monday, January 17, 2011

How do you sleep?

According to my husband I toss and turn, steal the covers and snore. Not all the time or all at once though. Occasionally I'll talk in my sleep.

He told me this morning that last night I snored a few times.  He even said at one point he nudged me and I told him there was something on the ceiling. He looked, but saw nothing. I repeated that there was something there, but when he looked at me, he noticed I was asleep. Creepy!

My husband has been a snorer long before I ever was and he is famous for talking in his sleep. Earlier in our relationship it would creep me out. I remember one time he was talking in his sleep to his grandma and I think he was asking if I could borrow her shoes. He sometimes sleeps with his eyes open. Total creepy factor.

When he was a recruiter, he would talk in his sleep to people on the phone. He was only a recruiter for about 9 months, but he talks on the phone in his sleep at least twice a month. Sometimes I play around with him and ask him weird questions, but sometimes it freaks me out too much and I just leave him alone.

Sleep fascinates me and even more so, DREAMS! I've had crazy dreams that totally came true. I've had dreams about someone I haven't seen in years and then somehow they'll contact me.

I dream a lot about trying to lock and close a door, but it doesn't match up. (the door frame is wider than the door and so the lock can't latch)

I hate interrupted sleep. I mean it's worse than no sleep at all. If I'm interrupted, then I feel I need to catch up. Plus I can get mean if I'm woken up.

So, how do you sleep? Do you have any fascinating sleep habits or dreams?

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