Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Goodnight Already!

I told them to go to bed and I told them to be quiet. What don't they understand? It's ridiculous that I have to go out there every 5 minutes and tell them to be quiet or tell them to turn off the tv or get off the computer. It makes me want to scream. What's worse is when John and I are in bed and they come in. Door's shut, door's locked. They unlock it, open it and walk in. OR they knock. If they know we've gone to bed they shouldn't be knocking. Once that door is closed, they should stay out. During the day, yes please knock. They should  never unlock the door and come in unless it's an emergency.

If I were trying to sleep right now it would be giving me a headache. Poor hubby IS asleep, but hasn't been sleeping very good lately.

I tell them goodnight. I go to my room. They gather in the hall and bug each other. They're fighting over who gets to sleep with the dog. Well her kennel has been in the girls' room for a few days, so I'd imagine it's Jeremy's turn. They already asked me and I already told them. But Jessica claims it's her turn. I simply state that it is Jeremy's turn. Once again I say "goodnight, time to be quiet, etc."

Less than 2 minutes and more noise. "I'm starting to think that your ears don't work, that you can't hear me, that I'm some invisible person that isn't talking", I say. They just look at me for a minute. Jeremy's got the kennel and the dog and apparently they're still fighting over the issue. UGH, the dog gets to sleep with Jeremy. GOODNIGHT! Little Jessica gives me a 10 minute hug. I walk the girls to their room. Goodnight, the end, end of story I tell them dramatically.

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