Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Things I'm thankful for: 
My Blog and my readers!  :)
Licking egg beaters.
The smells of the season.
Lot's of food for good reason.
My family extended.
The mistakes that I've mended.
The memories through pictures.
The truth of the scriptures.
The songs of the Beatles.
My non-fear of needles.
Pumpkin treats a plenty.
Feeling loved ten times twenty.
The ones that call me Mother.
My sister, my brother.
Our cars that aren't broken.
The signs and the tokens.
My husband- out of the Navy.
Turkey , potatoes and gravy.
My sanity when it's around.
The new friends I've found.
My creativeness.
Days without stress.
Modern day technology.
My two eyes that help me see.
The love of my Savior.
John's funny behavior.
My mom and my dad.
The fun times I've had.
A belly that's full.
A life so undull.
Friends from the past.
A marriage that lasts.
Dr. Pepper and frogs.
Fans of my Blog.
Those who are silly.
All who love Jilly.
The roof overhead.
The life that I've lead.


  1. I love Dr. Pepper and frogs too!

  2. I think your button is working on my blog now. Thank goodness!
    I LOVE this poem. I think you should have posted the video too. That was good.
    I am super glad we met. I am grateful for MY blog and MY readers as well. So many friends....Love them to pieces.... hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving! And next trip we make up to Provo--I am totally stopping by Saratoga Springs....That's where U live right?

  3. I think you followers need to be closer to the top, Don't U think? I think so. :)

  4. Margaret- Awesome!

    OCB- Yay! Thanks, glad you loved it. I just posted the video.. I left while it was still encoding.
    I live close to SS. I'll see what I can do to get my followers up top.


  5. Love the poem! That is a great list of thankfulness! I am so following you! :)


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