Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Mingle for Nov. 23, 2009 (my first time, come meet my husband)

I am so excited to participate in Monday Mingle for the 1st time. It was so fun to bring hubby into it as well. I've been thinking about having him join me in vlogging, so this was a great start.
I apologize for the crappy sound quality, my computer is loud. (background hum) Turn up the volume so you can hear us, but try not to get too upset about the background noise. We'll try to do better next time.

Here are the questions we had to answer:

We're mixing it up a bit this week - ALL ABOUT MARRIAGE/RELATIONSHIPS:

Speedy Cop would love to see the husband/partner's answers too - either via vlog or through you!

1. Men: When your spouse asks you "how does this outfit make me look" - how do you respond?

Ladies: Do you really want him to answer honestly?

2. Both: What is one thing you should always do to keep your spouse/partner happy? What do you do/say to avoid friction in your relationship?

3. Both: What were the first thoughts about your spouse/partner that came to mind when you first met him/her?

4. Both: What is your favorite physical feature of your spouse/partner?

5. Both: What are the key ingredients to a successful marriage/relationship?

6. Are you ready for more Speedy Cop movie quotes?

We had fun doing this. Hope you enjoy watching it.

~ Mormon Surrogate


  1. Your husband is hilarious! I look forward to seeing so much more from him. I love the noises he makes. ROFL!

    :) Thanks for joining!

  2. I was glad he sat down and did it with me. Afterwards I showed him you and your hubby. LOL

    Fun stuff, thanks for telling me about it.

  3. Your husband cracks me up totally! I liked his answer that he likes anything between your knees and the top of your head - that covers it pretty well~!

    I also loved his "what"? "huh"? when asked how you look - so funny!

    I am happy to meet both of you, and I am so glad you joined in!

    I hope you will come back - Monday Mingle is so fun. You did a super job!

  4. "I don't get it!!!" I love it! You guys are funny! I wonder if I could ever get my husband on to do this. Maybe I'll try... but maybe I won't. Who knows. He's weird that way.

  5. Jennifer- yeah he's pretty funny. We're working on setting up his own blog, but I can't see him typing, so it might be all vlogging unless I type for him. Hard not to smile with him around.
    I'm flattered that you enjoyed us and thought we did a super job! Thanks for hosting. I will definitely be back.

    Wendy- glad you liked it. We had fun! I never would have thought my husband would do it either, but we've been talking about him vlogging, so last night I just said "hey I need you for a few minutes". I thought it was awesome that he sat down and did it with me.

  6. Oh LOL your husband is a funny guy! So fun to watch your interaction. :D

    Communication and give/take is super important.

    Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and looking forward to seeing more mingles. Take care!

  7. Hi Erin. We have fun together. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Welcome to Monday Mingle! Yours was so great :)
    I think all the guys thought the same thing when asked for the favorite physical feature! LOL

    this was so funny! It is so awesome that you guys have stayed together for SO long! Congrats on that :)
    Happy thanksgiving!

  9. Annie thank you! Yep, not surprising about the guys answers to that.

    Yeah, we've been together since we were 17. It hasn't always been easy, but we have grown stronger and closer to each other because of everything we've been through. We finally learned from our mistakes.


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