Thursday, November 12, 2009

Prayers are welcome

My husband was having some crazy back pain a few weeks ago. He told me it was probably his kidneys. We went to the dr. and sure enough, kidney infection! He was put on antibiotics. Well the antibiotics were kicking his butt and knocking him out by 1:00 PM. Not the best thing for someone who works with heavy machinery and needs to be on the ball and focused. So he didn't take them twice a day, he took them once at night when he remembered. I think he got 1/2 the bottle taken.

Then he started getting nasty headaches with fuzzy eyes. This went on for a few days, so we made another Dr. appt. I wrote about this in another post, but here's the rundown:
He was sent from Family Dr. to Eye Dr. to hosptial for MRI and bloodwork. I do believe the MRI showed nothing, we're still waiting on the bloodwork. The Eye Dr. did say he had double vision and it could be from a few things and to call back if it got worse.

This morning he wakes up and he could hardly see. The double vision was worse than ever. I asked if he needed to stay home from work and rest his eyes. He mulled it over for a bit. He said the Eye Dr. told him to call if it got worse, so he'd go into work and then call. That's the military in him. No matter how sick you are or what is wrong, go to work first. In the meantime, he was told it might help if he covered one eye. So he found our daughter's eye patches and headed to work. He asked me to call the Eye Dr. for him.

I called and talked to the Dr. He was still waiting on the results from the MRI and bloodwork. He suggested that John stay home and rest his eyes and take it easy. John is on his way home now. Because he has to cover one eye, he said he almost hit a deer earlier and then didn't see a truck backing up. He cannot do his job with one eye. It's not advisable that he drives with just one eye. He just can't see everything he needs to see. Sure, he may adjust to it, but for now, it's not a good idea.

The Dr. called me back and said all the test results were negative. We just love a good mystery here- NOT!
It could be something he was born with that is showing up now. It could be from extreme fatigue or stress. I know he doesn't get enough sleep, and there's definitely stress at work. (Maybe it's from the kidney infection? But that would probably show up in the bloodwork)

Our daughter had surgery on both eyes when she was 5. She has Amblyopia, Strabismus and Astigmatism. She has worn glasses since she was 2. At first the Dr's thought it would correct itself or go away with glasses. But at the age of 5, they had to perform surgery. Her eyes were twisted and crooked.

Now he's being referred to a Neuro-Opthamologist. He can get in next Thursday. I don't know what he'll do until then. His job is far too dangerous to do with double vision or one eye. Maybe he can get a few days off with pay? We can't afford for him to miss work, and he's already having to miss today.

I want to know what's wrong. I want to know it can be fixed. I want results. I know John feels the same. Even if it's bad news, he'd rather know what's going on.

Please, please, please keep us in your prayers.


  1. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers. Have they looked for things like Multiple Sclerosis? I have that and I know some times it can affect eye site. Just an idea and maybe something to ask the doctors about.

  2. Good luck. I will definitely keep you two in my prayers. The eyes are scary stuff. Keep us posted.

  3. Oooh. I'm sorry to hear. Your hubby is in my prayers. And so are you.
    I hope they find out what is wrong soon. I hope his eyesight doesn't get worse.
    I LOVE reading you blog! It's so bright, pink and cheery. Whoever designed it MUST be a genius! Oh wait she is a genius, 'cause she designed mine! I love Momnerd don't you? :) You are something else as well! Glad I met you. If YOU have an extra 8 minutes in your day tomorrow, I'm putting my first VLOG (video blog) out there on the web. Scary and Exciting all at the same time. Anyway! Toodles! You are in my prayers.

  4. Thanks everyone. I believe they're looking at all possible reasons. We'll see what the Neuro Opthamologist says next week.

  5. We will DEFINITELY keep him in our prayers. That is so scary!


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