Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Post it Note Tuesday


  1. LOL! Totally funny! You have Chief following you? oh that's good. Alot of Chief's followers have migrated over to my blog. They'll come. Check out SITs site. The secret is in the sauce. SITs. If you leave a comment on their blog EVERY DAY without fail you will get people on your blog. Do it. Don't hesitate, just do it. Also you need their button. Grab it. Then people will come. You will see. Funny lady. The signs are pointing in the vlogging direction. Yes, YOU. You have SKYPE funny lady? I do, if ya ever want to video message sometime I'd be happy too. K? Think bout it, alright? I'm already planning other SKYPE sessions with other cool bloggers like yourself. Cool huh?

  2. Yes I do. How special am I? I follow her... :)
    Ok I'll check that out.. sounds familiar..

    Nope don't have SKYPE, will look into it though. OH and so how do I post a video blog now? I am in need of some assistance.
    Thank You fellow cool blogger!

  3. Gotta love the post it notes!!!! They are so fun and great to get things off of my chest!

  4. Awww...I'm glad you found me! And that you love the post-its! And that you put my button on your blog. Totally jealous about the shopping with no bra thing. If I tried that, I would probably be knocking over people in the aisles! And not in the hot implants way, in the large-chested, birthed two babies way. Not awesome. So cool you're a surrogate, two of our babies are adopted! That's so neat. I'm looking forward to following you, too :)

  5. Hey- Don't be jealous about the no bra thing. I'm large chested as well. (not in the hot implants way either lol) I only got away with it because I had layers on and a jacket.
    That's awesome that you have adopted children! I noticed you live in WJ, I used to live there.


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