Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And Satan hates my husband

Sunday November 1st, John received his patriarchal blessing. I was so excited for him. It was awesome, just me, John and our close friend Jake. Of course the patriarch was there as well. We got to meet his wife too, and they were a very neat couple. I got my patriarchal blessing when I was 14. I have treasured it since and will treasure it always. Mine said I would marry in the temple one day... and after 11 years of marriage I thought well not in this lifetime...but then lot's of wonderful things happened this year which led us to the temple. :)
I was excited to hear his at an older age. It was very neat and a good amount was what I expected to hear. What's cool is there is a part in his that is very close if not the same as mine.

One part that took me off guard just a bit... was to hear that Satan hates him. I mean Wow! What strong words. But it's true. Satan thought he had him in his clutches, thought he had him fooled. Thought he had tricked him into false happiness. Satan is pissed that he is following a better path, that he took his family to the temple, that he is a righteous man. He will do all in his power to try and get him back. John needed to hear that. Now it will be a constant reminder. We got the printed version in the mail today.
John told his mom, "I don't want anyone to hate me!" Of course who would want Satan to like them? On the other side of things, his Heavenly Father loves him and is so proud of him! I would have to agree!


  1. What a wonderful promise! I am so happy for you that you were able to hear the blessing! Sweet! What a wonderful thing to be grateful for this Thanksgiving season!

  2. This is amazing!! I was fortunate enough that I was able to marry in the temple nearly 11 and a half years ago. But I have a sister who has chosen some paths that I've never walked, and when she was about 3 months pregnant married her babies daddy, and now my BIL is a priesthood holder. (Because he was a non-member a year ago) and they are working on their trip to the temple this next fall.

    So I know prayer is real, and helps those out that we love. But we have to remember that it is always on the lords time table, and not necessarily ours.

    I'm so happy that you got to share that special moment together. And hope that you can build on it from here, and stay strong.

    ANd I agree with Alexes... what a neat promise!!

    (Sorry for the novel)


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