Tuesday, November 17, 2009

1st Vlog Intro to ME

I am super nervous and yet also super excited to try vlogging. Please be gentle with me....


  1. I love it. Once I get my new computer I am so going to do this!

  2. Love the vlog. And that's amazing that you've actually been a surrogate mom 3 times!! Women who can do that ROCK!!!

    I came by after visiting my friend Alexes's facebook. I think I'll be frequenting you a little more. Okay maybe a lot more!!! Keep it up, I think you have a great personality!!!

  3. You ROCK! You should definitely do this more.
    It is so addicting to me and SO much fun!!!!!
    Did U join SITS yet?
    The internet is my evening addiction. And breaks from the novel that I am writing. You have to create a name for yourself on the internet they said to me at the last writer's conference I went to. Anyway, I'm out there allright. Twitter, Facebook,Blogger, Twittermoms, Monday Mingle, Positive Meme Friday, What else? Everywhere I tell you. You want me to do another shout out on my blog? You are AWESOME...and not just cause you were a surrogate either...just frickin AWESOME! And the fact that you know MomNerd and me makes you the best darn person alive! YEAH!!!!!:) I'm such a good cheerleader, aren't I?
    Never wanted to be a cheerleader until now. Only to cheer on my wonderful blogger buddies...:)

  4. Just saw the SITS button. I'm such a moron. YEAH! Double YEAH!
    Hope your hubby is feeling better.

  5. hey one more thing, you got Skype? we could talk live, you know the video thing if you did. Just a thought. :)

  6. Wow, thanks for the support. I really felt kind of dorky. But I used to do webcam stuff years ago.. and had my own site. Maybe I'll let you see it sometime even though it's not running anymore. That would be a funky blast from the past and you could see how much I've changed. Thanks for the encouragement. You haven't seen the last of me! :)

    Margaret- Thank you. You should try it. It was fun, and I'm excited to think of something else to vlog about.

    Wendy- just to clarify, I had a miscarriage with my 2nd surrogacy, but still, I've been a surrogate 3 times. Thank you, it was a wonderful experience each time. Well obviously the miscarriage sucked, but the couples were great.

    OCB- I'm working on getting my name out there. Thanks again for leading the way! How often are you going to vlog? How often is too often? LOL.

    P.S. to everyone: Can you believe I used to be SHY? We're talking EXTREME! Now I love to be on camera, facebook, etc. I think I'm making up for lost time...

  7. Ohhhhh! Ur soooo BRAVE....I'm building more courage up.....:) muahhh

  8. Vic- I was really kind of chicken about it. No big deal making it, but then publishing it? It took time to build up the courage and then I just jumped in.

    Thanks Chief- love ya!


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