Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Help for my son

I am happy to say that Jeremy is doing better in school and in life.

I am so proud of him for going to counseling, etc. and not putting up a fight. It takes a strong person to accept help.

The hospital helped a lot I think (even though he was not happy at first) and the new team of doctors.

I am also super happy with the school he is going to.
Especially, the last quarter, they have done all sorts of things to help Jeremy and it shows in his improved grades.

Jeremy was approved to be put in a special, smaller classroom next year to cover the main subjects. This will be so helpful to him. I almost cried when his teacher told me he had been approved.

The only sad thing is that he will have to live away from us a little longer. (Except weekends, holidays, and summer)

I hope things stay calm. I sure am enjoying it!

What really makes me sad and frustrates me is that some parents don't get their kids the help they need. Instead, they label them as stupid, lazy, etc. Or they just think they're a "bad" kid. If your child is struggling in any way, at least consider and look into getting them help. It will benefit you both.

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