Sunday, April 21, 2013

Time to start Round 2 #4journey

Day 1 of my cycle =
Start Vivelle Estrogen Patches (first for me)
Start Prenatal Vitamins
Start Baby Aspirin
Start getting excited for Round 2

If all goes like last time, the embryo transfer should be in about 3 weeks.

I admit I got a bit nervous to be starting shots again even though I requested them this time. I'll be fine though. I'm a pro with shots by now. It's been a few years though.

The patches are kind of cool. Made me nervous, but they were easy. I'm just wondering if they'll stay on for 3 days like they are supposed to. I swear I felt a surge of hormones shortly after putting them on. Woah!

I have new shirts to design for round 2. I also need to order my lucky transfer jammies.

I'm a happy, excited girl!


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