Friday, April 19, 2013

A surrogate and her meds

So the last transfer in February (couple #4) ended in a chemical pregnancy.

I am so used to doing shots and it was my first shot-free protocol. Kind of nice, but suppositories aren't all that fun. Call me crazy, I requested the shots for round 2.

I got my meds last week and there was a mix up. I explain in the 2nd video.

Here I am getting my medication delivery yesterday. (The correct one, hopefully)

Now let's see what's inside....

This gives you a good idea of what a surrogate goes through and the meds she takes.

Hopefully Round 2 is it for us. I'm thinking we'll be doing an embryo transfer in May.


  1. Yay Jill! I'm so excited your starting Round 2 soon! Good luck I can't wait to follow your journey!

  2. Good luck! Sending you and your recipient parents a ton of baby dust :)


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