Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ready to move forward with try #2 P.S. I have a mutation #4journey

So, here's the update-

It's official. We are trying again!!

We are setting up meds and getting ready for try #2 with my awesome IPs, Amazing Grace and Big Daddy!

I will be doing the shots instead of suppositories (per my request). I just didn't feel like a surro without the shots. LOL. I am sure my period will be a little off since the chemical pregnancy, but I'd imagine it will start sometime this week or so. That should put us at an embryo transfer around the 1st- 2nd week in May.

With my first surrogacy, the RE found I had the MTHFR mutation. I had to take Lovenox and Folgard, but the Folgard made me numb and tingly.  Not every Dr. has agreed with the Lovenox. I have to have my homocysteine levels checked tomorrow and we'll go from there. I do know I will be taking Vivelle (dots applied to abdomen) as part of the clinic's new protocol for frozen transfers.

Anyway, I am happy and excited that we are trying again! Hoping for great results this time!!!

Thanks for following!

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