Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More about the embryo transfer weekend #4journey

So, as most of you know, we had a great transfer on 2/22/12 and I had an awesome/amazing weekend with Amazing Grace, Big Daddy and Spunky Monkey. (Intended Mom, Intended Dad and their little girl)

The last day with IPs (Sunday 2/24/13) I was still on bed rest until 12:00 PM. They invited us over for lunch before our flight home. When we got there they were playing Beatles songs. I thought maybe they were listening to the radio and it was Brunch with the Beatles or something. Nope, they were playing Beatles just for me. Because they rock like that!

We ate yummy grilled cheeseburgers, salad and potato salad. And yes, Amazing Grace, the hamburgers were by far better than McDonalds!

It was hard enough to say goodbye. IF gave me a hug and said see you soon. IM gave me a big hug and whispered love you. That's when my eyes watered and my heart melted. Have I mentioned how much I adore her? I of course whispered, love you too. (I hope she doesn't mind me sharing that special moment)

Here is a picture of our part of the team-

Please excuse my very crappy background editing. I didn't have the energy to really give it my all.

And if you can't read my shirt... this is what it says:

Photo: The perfect shirt to wear on the way home from the embryo transfer. "Carrying Precious Cargo" More styles and colors available.

John (hubby) Tristan (daughter) and I didn't get to sit by each other on the plane home. About 15 minutes after take off my husband noticed our daughter physically sobbing. He tried to console her best he could a row away. She was clearly upset and others around could hear why. She flat out said, "I'm sad that I don't get to sit by you." Yet no one offered to switch seats with my husband, no one asked if she was ok. 
:(   We all sat by unfriendly people. UGH!

The other day I told my daughter I was going to need a little more help around the house, especially once the morning sickness kicked in.. She offered to help make dinners and she has already started. How sweet is that?

So now we wait. We will have an official pregnancy test at my local clinic on March 5th. (that's the day after my son turns 16)

I have been feeling bloated, irritable and kind of nauseous the past few days. I'm hoping that's a good sign!!

I'm the kind of girl who usually tests at home. My IPs would like to wait for the official results, which is understandable.

So, I may or may not test at home and if I do, my tests may or may not look like this:

Please wish us luck! Whether we test or not, this waiting period can be stressful and it's best to think positive and relax. I ate Lucky Charms this morning to bring us a little extra good luck.


  1. I love reading your posts! I'm hoping you test at home! Can't wait to hear the results :)

    1. Thanks. So sweet. I sure did test at home. I posted an update today.


  2. I love reading your posts! I'm hoping you test at home! Can't wait to hear the results :)


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