Friday, February 22, 2013

Embryo transfer update #4journey #surrogacy

Hubby, daughter and I flew in to the LA area yesterday afternoon. (2/21/13) It was a fun adventure.

Tristan and Lenny the Lamb (Scentsy Buddy) waiting at the airport

John and I on the plane

My "on my way to the embryo transfer" shirt-

If you can't read it-

Women's Light T-Shirt Surrogacy To Do List

Our hotel is beautiful and near the beach.

When we checked in and got to our room, this is what we found-

Photo: Yeah my IPs are super awesome. Just checked in and look what was in the room.

I almost cried, it was so sweet and unexpected. If you can't tell, that's a pineapple poking out of the gift bag and a beautiful arrangement of flowers. If you don't get how cool this all is, refer to this blog post-
She totally gets me and understands me and goes along with all my craziness.

I e-mailed Amazing Grace (my IM) to tell her thank you. This is what she said, 
There are 8 yellow roses representing everyone in your family & mine.  The two roses in the middle are the embryos. :-)

How beautifully sweet is that? Again, I almost cried.

We barely caught a beautiful sunset against a gorgeous beach background. This was the best picture we could get from the hotel. We know a better location for tonight, etc. (although I'll be in the room on bed rest)

We went to my IPs (Intended Parents) house for dinner and to hang out. We had so much fun, and such great food! We laughed and talked and ate until we were stuffed and then we had dessert. I brought a few things over for Amazing Grace and her adorable daughter. (I'll call her Spunky Monkey) My daughter Tristan made Amazing Grace and I matching friendship/transfer bracelets. I also found some green and yellow Scentsy bars for Amazing Grace. And I took over the t-shirts I made for Amazing Grace and Big Daddy to wear to the transfer.

I was surprised that Amazing Grace had (another) beautiful gift for me. Spunky Monkey helped get cut the pretty ribbon with her little scissors so I could open it. Amazing Grace gave me a gorgeous candle holder and linen candle as well as the perfect gift. I will let the picture speak for itself.

Do you get it? Do you? It's called amazing grace. See how in sync we are? She searched and searched for the perfect gift and when she saw this, she knew she had found it. It's perfume, shower gel and body lotion.
P.S. Amazing Grace is a nickname I gave my IM, not her real name.

 I just adore her!!! I think this is all part of the amazing positive vibes that have surrounded us. Sure, some of it we create ourselves. 

Also, the cute beach scene picture above... that was in the envelope attached to the gift bag with the pineapple. First of all, Amazing Grace added turtles to it. (because turtles represent fertility)
Well, my daughter drew a picture on the airplane and this is what it looks like-

Sorry so blurry, maybe I can scan it in when I get home. But how weird/cool are the similarities between the two pictures?

Tristan painted my nails last night and put stickers on them this morning.

I slept awesome last night. I am not a morning person, but I woke up early so we could get down to breakfast and I would have plenty of time to get ready. The embryo transfer was scheduled for 11:30 AM. (2/2213)
After breakfast, I ate my lucky pineapple and had to drink 16 oz of water.

It was a little awkward at one point when we were told that it was time to go back, but only some of us would be allowed to go back. Luckily Amazing Grace said, um no.... she had called a week or so ago to make sure we could all be in the room. I was starting to feel bad, because first of all, how do you choose who gets to be in the room between the parents, and my husband. Then we had brought along my daughter. I didn't want to leave anyone out. So hooray for Amazing Grace for sticking up for us and we all got to go back together.

Me holding Amazing Grace's hand for a picture, waiting for the embryos. (don't worry, I didn't cut out their faces for the picture, just to share on my blog)

I asked hubby to take a picture of my nails and bracelets and this is what you get.

Beautiful blastocyst embryos!

I was given a Valium.

and got into position.

Nice view I know... I apologize for any nightmares this may cause.

The embryos were transferred via catheter and I was put in a little waiting room to rest for 30 minutes. The Valium kicked in about then. I got a little loopy. It was really fun trying to get dressed. John was laughing at me. Sorry he didn't take any funny pictures.

Amazing Grace took us to get french fries before taking us back to the hotel. (lucky after transfer food)
She had mentioned McDonald's Shamrock Shakes, so since it was green  (lucky color) and sounded good, I decided why not?

 Notice my lovely green dragonfly hair clip?

My fries and John's, I did not eat both.

My #1 support and my manservant for the weekend. P.S. Amazing Grace brought me the cool tray! So thoughtful.

And now you're up to date and I'm on bed rest. Hopefully I got pregnant today!!!

Later on...

Remember I was talking about the special pajamas I bought months ago just for this transfer/bed rest?

Here they are....



I have felt some cramping last night and today. Hopefully it's the embryos snuggling in.


  1. That's awesome; good luck! How long does it take to find out if one or both embryos implanted?

  2. That's awesome; good luck! How long does it take to find out if one or both embryos implanted?

  3. Thanks Tracy. Well some home pregnancy tests can pick it up as soon as 5 to 7 days. We will do an official blood test in about 11 days. We won't know how many stuck around until about 3 months.

    1. You don't have a ultrasound at 6 weeks????

    2. Probably. I was thinking 10-12 weeks because I remember with my 2nd surrogacy we had it scheduled around that time and it confirmed we had miscarried.
      It's been awhile.. . 6 weeks sounds right to confirm heartbeat.

  4. Amazing. It will be great to follow your journey with this, thanks for sharing.

    1. Looking forward to you following. Hopefully I'll have lots more to share.


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