Monday, March 4, 2013

Not the birthday party we were expecting

Happy Birthday to my son Jeremy who is 16 today!

He's had some challenges throughout his life and he's had a particularly rough year. He is unfortunately spending his birthday in the Adolescent Psychiatric Unit. That's the last place a mother wants to take their child for their birthday, but it was necessary. He's been there since Saturday night. (3/2/13)

It's a very long story... but here's a little info-

He's struggled with depression, anxiety, dysthymia, adhd and a learning disability since he was 8. For awhile we thought he was early onset bipolar, he was recently diagnoses as Austism Spectrum Disorder/ Pervasive Development Disorder.

Over the summer, he got in two fights with his dad and he went to live with his Grandma while we got him back in counseling and his dad had already been going to counseling for possible PTSD/Depression, etc.

It's been a rollercoaster ride ever since. Things were "better" at first, then he'd be calling me and texting me all the time about different things that were bothering him. He had a few meltdowns.

He has been obsessed and now in love with Lady Gaga for the past year. He gets very hurt and offended if you say anything negative about her or even if you don't like her as much as he does.

He's struggling in school. (I home schooled him for 2 years after I had had enough of watching him struggle, but he was put back in while living with his Grandma. I thought it *could* be okay, but now I don't know what's best for him education wise)

He made some bad decisions this week after he was told that we wouldn't be taking him out to dinner for Lady Gaga's birthday. His choices had consequences and he threatened suicide as our consequence.

I'm hoping that he will finally get the help he needs. I don't think the therapy we've been doing with him the past 8 months has gotten us anywhere.

That is the short version.

I also got news from another Dr. today that he may have Pancreaitis or some other issues with his Pancreas from the medications he's been on. Nice news to learn on his birthday.


I love him and hope we can get through this and the ultimate goal is for him to be back in our home again.

I called this morning to tell him Happy Birthday and he sounded good. We will be taking him his favorite food from Spaghetti Factory and then having cake.

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