Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Countdown 2 days until travel day for embryo transfer #4journey

We are down to days until the embryo transfer!

I am so excited for the transfer. I have some lucky charms lined up. I designed and ordered a shirt to wear on the plane there, shirts for hubby, me, Amazing Grace (IM), Big Daddy (IF), and my 13 year old daughter to wear on transfer day (matching team shirts). I bought me some new jammies back in October/November just for the transfer. That is what I will be wearing on Saturday while on bed rest. Then I have a shirt I designed to wear on the plane home. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get to see it all.

Besides the shirts I have a lucky transfer bracelet that another surrogate made and passed around years ago. It has green beads (fertility color) with 3 turtle charms (fertility symbol). My daughter made me and Amazing Grace a cool yellow and green friendship/transfer bracelet. I have been wearing mine since she made it a few days ago. I freaked out a little when it fell off and I couldn't find it the other day. Luckily I found it the next morning. I got some pretty green nail polish. I'm hoping IM, me and my daughter can all paint our nails the night before the transfer.

I got my hair highlighted red and blonde last week. A self-esteem boost is good luck, right? My daughter got her hair colored red on Saturday and at the salon I found a light green dragonfly hair clip. Perfect!!!

As you can see, I am taking my daughter to the transfer with me. She is old enough and mature enough to be a part of the process. It will be a cool learning experience. She already knows a good amount just going through the other surrogacies with me plus she helped illustrate my book. She adores my intended family and they seem to like her too.

I had a little anxiety Saturday morning getting my last blood draw to check progesterone levels before the transfer.

E-mails to Amazing Grace about what happened-

A little frustration/ anxiety this morning. I went to the fertility clinic and they don't do same day progesterone on the weekend. I'm not sure why not and why they didn't tell me before now. They sent me to the hospital down the street, but they don't accept our insurance. They suggest a clinic down the street or another hospital another 30 miles away. 
:(   I hope the next place works out or I may be calling you to see what's best. 

*I was so close to crying.*

 The other clinic could send out the labs, but it probably wouldn't be received till next business day and of course Monday is a holiday. I don't know if that would affect anything. I tried to call you.  I was running out of time and stressed. I didn't want to drive further to the other clinic (I always get lost and frustrated in that area) and Tristan had her hair appt at 10:00. I made a judgment call and went back to the local hospital. They will send us the bill. I tried my best to get it covered with insurance, but I figured the best thing was to get it done ASAP. Now we know that the local fertility clinic can only do some things on the weekends with same day results. Hopefully we won't need any more weekend appointments.
Luckily though we are surrounded by super positive vibes. Everything always works out for us even if it's down to the last minute.
I had a super cool dream last night about waiting for a call from my ob/gyn in the middle of the night. We were both excited I was doing another surrogacy and I was happy to be able to work with him again.

P.S. Amazing Grace called shortly after the blood draw runaround. She was sympathetic and understanding as usual. I don't call her Amazing Grace for nothing!
Later that day I found out that the other clinic wasn't going to be in when the results came in. (Yep, all that running around and we still didn't get same day results) Luckily they are there for a little bit on Sundays so they called me Sunday morning to say all is good. I was sent a calendar and started progesterone suppositories on Sunday. I will start Doxycycline the day before the transfer and until the day after the transfer. I believe it's an antibiotic to prevent infection. In case you didn't figure it out, transfer day is Friday 2/22/13.

So, there's my crazy weekend with some stress and some good news. Now it is getting so close I can hardly stand it. I can't wait to spend time with my wonderful intended family. It will be a nice little getaway and I can't wait to get pregnant!! I already even stocked up on a few snacks and drinks for when the morning sickness kicks in. Oh and pee sticks. LOL.

It's supposed to snow this week, so please pray to the snow gods that it will be light and won't affect our flight.

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