Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Surrogacy Good Luck Charms and Traditions

Most surrogates I know have some sort of good luck charm that they take with them or wear to the transfer. I just blogged this morning about what I am taking and wearing. http://mormonsurrogate.blogspot.com/2013/02/countdown-2-days-until-travel-day-for.html
I will post pictures of it all when the time comes.

As some of you know, I have been designing surrogacy shirts and merchandise for over 6 years. I get more inspirational and creative when I'm actively involved. I wanted to design something new for the upcoming transfer- something to wear to the transfer, etc. I wanted everyone to know I was a proud surrogate, on my way to the embryo transfer.

This is what I came up with...

For on the way there:
Women's Light T-Shirt Surrogacy To Do List
http://www.cafepress.com/onceuponasurrogate.781853208 (comes in different colors and styles)

I mentioned before that I made my IPs, hubby, daughter and I matching "team" shirts to wear at the transfer. I'm not sure yet if my IPs would be comfortable with me sharing that.

And to wear on the way home from the transfer-

Carrying precious cargo T-Shirt

http://www.cafepress.com/onceuponasurrogate.783164144 (comes in different colors and styles)

This is what I've learned since I first became a surrogate in 2005-

Green and yellow represent fertility and are good luck colors. Turtles are a symbol of fertility.

In addition, I have learned that french fries are good to eat after the embryo transfer. I have done this at least 3 times. I've heard it doesn't matter where you get the fries and I've also heard McDonald's are the ones to choose. I have not been picky.

I have recently learned to eat pineapple before the transfer. I'm not sure if that means the morning of, or how soon before.

*I guess it's the pineapple core specifically that has a hormone in it that's supposed to help with implantation.

I also believe in the power of being positive. I go in with positive vibes in hopes that we will get pregnant. Prayers don't hurt either.

A new thing I've heard of is holding hands during the transfer. (I'd assume, IPs, surrogate and surrogate's husband/significant other) I think that is beautiful. We are all a team after all.

I also designed some lucky transfer panties-
Women's Boy Brief Surrogate Lucky Transfer Panties

And lucky transfer jammies-
Women's Light Pajamas Lucky Transfer Jammies Surro
Notice the green & yellow! There are more options for the bottoms.  http://www.cafepress.com/onceuponasurrogate.781853155

Women's Dark Pajamas Lucky Transfer Jammies Surro

Women's Nightshirt Lucky Transfer Jammies Surro
Footed Pajamas Lucky Embryo Transfer Jammies

If you have any good luck charms you'd like to share- please leave a comment!


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