Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tips to help stretch your Christmas shopping budget now and through the year

I'm sure we're all excited for Christmas, but not all of us have tons of money to spend on gifts. Here are some tips and ideas that have helped me not only at Christmas time, but all year long.

  • I love to shop online and take advantage of great deals. If I am going to shop online, I check Ebates to see if they are affiliated with the store I want to shop through. (if not I usually find a store that is)     I find great deals and usually Free Shipping too. Best of all I get cash back when I shop through Ebates. You can too! They have Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals you do not want to miss! Also they offer daily doubles where you can get twice as much back on different stores everyday. Sign up now if you haven't already. They will send you a check every 3 months. I've been with Ebates since 2001! I've received lots of cash back over the years.
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back
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  • If you do shop at a psychical store, pay with cash! This can help you from overspending through debit and credit cards. But the best part is- you save your change. Pay in cash, keep the change. It adds up! Find a decorative jar or something fun and watch your change add up. then when the jar is full, take it to the bank and get cash. I do this throughout the year. The only thing I don't pay cash for is bills.  
  • Put aside a little bit each week... even $5-$10 can add up. The sooner you start, the better. Maybe you can give something up for awhile and put that money aside for your Christmas shopping.
  • If you are healthy- Donate plasma! Not only will you be helping to save lives, but you can get compensated. If you can donate twice a week, you could earn up to $200+ CASH each month! Take your spouse/significant other with you and you've got twice as much. (if you share)
  •  Be crafty/ creative. 
  • Make treats.

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