Friday, November 16, 2012

There's a surrogate in my backyard!

When I first started out as a surrogate I found out about 2 online communities. It was so great to get advice and support from others who had been there and or were going there. I met many friends and some I have been able to meet in real life.

A year or two ago I got invited to join a Utah surrogate group on Facebook. How exciting! When I moved back to Utah after my first surrogacy in 2006, surrogacy was barely legal here and I knew of about 2 other Utah surrogates. We were few and far between. Now we're starting to pop up more often. And a few more are in need if you are interested. E-mail me if you want to help a family out

I was excited to be involved in a local group. Not only did this group chat online, but they meet once a month for lunch or dinner.

I must admit that I need to go to the outings more. I've only been to 3.

I went to one of the dinners this spring. It was lovely as always. Each time I go there is one or two new faces. I may have seen them online, but hadn't met them yet in person. There were a few new girls (to me) that night.

I overheard one girl talk about moving and how "far out" she was moving. It sounded all too familiar. I asked where it was she was moving to. She told me. It was my little city. Well there are 2 areas, so I asked her which area. My area. Weird. Most people I talk to outside of our area haven't even heard of our city or don't realize how far out there it can go. They might only know of the one area. As she described where she was moving to and told me the street, I couldn't believe it, she was in my neighborhood. Then I realized she was moving into the house where our neighbors recently moved out. The house right behind us! We share backyard alleys out here with our garages in the back, so we know our backyard neighbors fairly well. I couldn't believe I had just met this surrogate and she was moving so close to me.

I was super excited because I am the only surrogate out here that I know of. She moved in the next weekend! Crazy, huh? She's awesome and I'm glad to have her around. (even if it means I'm not the only Wonder Woman anymore lol)

Not only all that, but she was looking to get matched again as a surrogate around the same time as me. We are both matched and moving forward. We will probably be getting pregnant the same month or at least really close. What an adventure to go through together and be so close.

P.S. Not only is she cool, but she has a great family as well. Our girls are close to the same age and sometimes play/hang out together. Her kids are well-behaved and not wild and rambunctious. We love having them over!  :)

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