Thursday, November 22, 2012

My thankful list. Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm thankful for friends and family who are non-judging and supportive. Life can be somewhat normal with you around, even in difficult times.

I am extremely thankful and grateful for veteran's benefits!

I am thankful for all Veterans past present and future! Happy to be a part of that "world". Thank YOU!

I am so thankful for my surrogate families. That includes my IPs and the beautiful babies I got to carry. Thank you for the lovely journeys and experiences. I am also thankful for my current IPs who prove to be more amazing each and everyday. Included in my surrogate families are my fellow surrogates who are true friends and my extended support group. Thank you all!

I am thankful for being able to stay in our home even though John got laid off last October. I am grateful for everything that has helped us pay the bills. I am also thankful for coupons and budgeting!

I am thankful for Pell Grants!

I am thankful for my awesome husband. Thanks for all you do!

I am thankful for my children! Never a dull moment.

I am thankful for awesome music! 

I am thankful for all my extended families.

I am thankful for the Creator and His son.

I'm thankful for awesome parents! 

I'm thankful for Thanksgiving and the good food and great company!

I'm thankful for the Christmas season just around the corner.

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