Friday, October 1, 2010

It's official. (and more)

(I wrote this yesterday and was hoping to add pics... but it didn't work out..)

My books are printed. I am now a published author. Wow. It's just funny how one thing leads to another. Before July of this year, I don't think I would have ever thought I'd be writing a book and publishing it. (I definitely wouldn't have thought that my girls would be illustrating the book and that I'd be helping with that as well)

 I was working on a book a few years ago about all the circumstances in my life that lead to other things.. but probably wouldn't have published it, because who would be interested in my silly life? Plus it was hard to wrap up. I mean let's say I wrote it and ended it in 2007. A lot has happened since 2007 and I'd have more to add.

Oh well. Maybe one day I'll finish it anyway.

So today I'm hoping to drop off some books at the local bookstore and mail some out for review. I also have some orders to mail out already. I had to raise the price of the book, so if you order before October 10th, you're getting a pretty good deal!!! Get your good deal here. Not only will you save some money by ordering now, but I will also sign your book and add stickers and bookmarks to your order for FREE.

It's crazy how far the book has come since I started it. I had a little rough draft printed up about 2 months ago and just the cover alone is a huge improvement.

It's also crazy how much I did on the book.. I mean I designed the whole darn thing. It was so good for me to be creative and even fine-tune my skills.

I can't believe it's the last day of September. The summer flew and then this month has flown. Tomorrow is October 1st. (well duh that would follow the last day of September) On October 1, 1994, John and I had our first date. We went to Homecoming at Alta High as friends and have been together ever since. (except for that summer he broke up with me) I can't believe it's been 16 years. I was the kind of girl who always thought that every boyfriend I had was THE ONE and that we'd always be together. But then none of the other relationships lasted longer than a few months. We're not a perfect couple, but we are a good balance and we compliment each other. Does that make sense? It works, and we are best friends and have fun together.

We are headed out this weekend on vacation and I couldn't be more excited. For some reason I always get nervous though before vacations. I get anxiety. Not sure why. Weird.

Hopefully I'll blog while away... maybe even vlog... maybe even a cool surprise. 

Happy Thursday/Last day of September! 

Well Now Happy Friday/ First day of October!

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  1. Happy FIRST day of October!!!
    I hope you have a fabulous VACATION!!!


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