Sunday, October 3, 2010

A visit to remember (surro twins)

Today I got to visit with my FIP's (former intended parents) and surro twins. So cool. I hadn't ever been to their home before. It was absolutely beautiful inside and out.

I hadn't seen the twins since they were about 4 weeks old. The only reason I got to see them then is that they were still here in Utah in the NICU . (they were born @ 33 weeks and stayed here for about 5 weeks) Some surrogates live near their IP's, some don't. In all of my experiences, I have not lived near the IP's.  With my first surrogacy, I only saw my surro baby the day she was born. Hmmm, wait, I probably saw her the 2nd day... because I stayed 24 hrs, and I wouldn't have left without saying goodbye.  Anyway, I also moved shortly after she was born and the IP's moved a few times as well.  I don't know if I'll ever have an opportunity to visit her. I mean yeah sometimes you have to make opportunites... but I don't know if I'll be headed that direction.

Anyway, it's been an awesome vacation and we're only warming up. It was so cool to see those boys today. (the surro twins) What cute little monkeys. Seriously- they were just all over the place. I can't even imagine. They were such little charmers too- darling smiles! One let me hold him more than the other,  but it's all good.

IM (intended mom) made us lunch. Oh my gosh, so yummy- chicken, pasta, salad, bread-even apple pie, but we were too stuffed for desert. It was an awesome way to spend a Sunday afternoon. We even went for a nice little walk to the park. It was like spending time with old friends. I'd say it was like spending time with family- but you know how family can be... lol!  I left them with my book. I hope they like it.


  1. So totally cool. Were you able to take pics for you yourself? I know you can't post them publicly...but for your pleasure? You know for memories?
    A pic with the FIP's....
    You are awesome Jill! Hope you have a good day with Superman!

  2. You are awesome! I'm so glad you got to visit the 'fruit of your labor'. They sound like adorable fruit!

    Having lived through a twin pg myself, I'm even MORE impressed you'd be willing to endure it for someone else's benefit. What an amazing gift! When we were going through IF, two of my sisters offered to be surrogates if I needed it. Luckily, I didn't but knowing they love me THAT much is something I'll always treasure.

  3. OCB- Yes, I took pics for my own treasure.

    Cynthia- Thank you. It was very cool for me to visit with them and see how much they'd grown. You have very loving sisters to have offered such a gift! How neat you were be able to carry them yourself.


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