Monday, September 27, 2010

It's done, been sent to the printers, now what?

I'm so sorry if you are sick of hearing me go on and on about my book. However, that's what's going on in my life right now and I couldn't be more excited!

I did finish it up over the weekend and sent it to the printers. (Yay, I beat my 2nd deadline) I'm hoping that my kids and I will actually have a chance to go see it being printed. Sounds like a nice photo op.

I have a more professional looking online store now:

I also designed some t-shirts and other merchandise that match my book and theme:

So now what? Well I have to patiently sit back and wait. I hope to get my books this Thursday. I need to get some over to the local bookstore and then I'm heading out on vacation. That's right..... I'm going to Disneyland.  We're going to take it nice and easy some days and then play all day on others. We're hititng up Mesquite so I can meet the one and only One Cluttered Brain in person! (and personally hand her a copy of my book) (if it's done before I leave) We'll be spending some time in Vegas and then California. We'll be going to Six Flags, hanging out in Hollywood and of course Disneyland.

Oh, the best part? Stopping for a visit to see the twins.

I've got a few people I'm dropping off books too. I better start sharpening my book signing skills. I really like this new "chapter" in my life. Tee hee.

In case you are curious, it took me about 3 months to complete my book. I think that's not bad for a 1st timer. I went over it a lot... the story, the layout, the cover, the illustrations. Ask my husband, it's been my life the last 3 months. I've loved every minute of it. I wonder how old the youngest illustrato is. My girls are 10 and 6. hmmm


  1. Sweet! :)
    So you are gonna get to visit the kids you incubated? ohhh that is COOL. That would be the highlight of my visit too! And visiting a really COOL friend...:) Like

    Yeah I know, whatever you are thinking!! Excited to see ya babe! :)

  2. Congratulations on your book. What a great accomplishment!

  3. I'm glad you'll get to visit Alexes!! She is awesome!! And I know that will brighten her day!! I suspect your day will be brightened as well.

    Have fun on your "vacation". Sounds like lots of fun!!

  4. I could use some blessings for leaving this comment. :) Thank you so much for following Mommy Rantings ( and coming to visit! I am now a follower of Mormon Surrogate.

    Thanks for sharing your story!


  5. Hi, me again. Just wanted you to see the shout out to you...

    Thanks again for the follow, fellow mom.


  6. I am a book reviewer and have a blog that I blog my reviews, as well as Amazon. If you want me to do a review for your upcoming book, just give a shout out. I have you bookmarked on my butternut street blog :) with your button. Love what you do!

  7. Thanks everyone I really appreciate the support!


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