Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ready (again)

I was ready earlier this year to start looking for IP's (intended parents) for my next surrogacy. However, I got hung up a bit. Our current insurance does not cover surrogacy. So I was researching options and not finding much. It was time consuming and frustrating. I knew we'd be going on vacation and didn't want anything to get in the way of that, so I put my surrogacy search on hold.

Guess what? We're back from vacation and now is the time to start looking again. It's an awesome feeling to be ready to start a new adventure. I'm not looking forward to get back into the insurance research, but hey it's worth it!


  1. That's awesome! :)
    How many couples have you been a surrogate for so far?
    And you're right- it's definitely worth it.

  2. Oh I wish you luck in finding the perfect intended parents! What you do for others is just simply wonderful!

  3. I take it you are am active faithful LDS member. Is that correct? I was just wondering if you are aware the church does not believe in surrogacy. It is in their Administrators Handbook on lds.org

    I think what you are doing is wonderful! To give such a precious gift to needing. deserving families. I am just wondering what you think about the church standing on the matter. If you found read the Administrators Handbook and find that the strongly discourages this. Where would that leave you? Would you leave the church or would you stop giving the gift of life to wonderful people?

  4. I believe that this is something I was led to do. I've been aware that is is discouraged. However, I think it's a personal decision between myself, my husband and God. That being said, I know plenty of surrogates who have been cleared through the church to go ahead with a surrogacy. I don't think it's the whole concept they are against, just certain aspects or issues that could come up. My husband and I have discussed it and still feel good about me continuing to be a surrogate.

    If it came down to it,would I leave the church or stop helping others? That's a hard, personal question for me to answer to someone I don't know.


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