Monday, September 28, 2009

So much to do and so excited to do it...

Now that John has the Melchezadik priesthood and we both have our temple recommends, we can make an appointment to go to the temple. I have a few things to get squared away this week:
1- Get temple clothing
2- Can I wear my wedding dress?
3- Does my wedding dress fit me if I can wear it?
4- What are we doing to celebrate after the temple? And where are we doing it?
5- Can I remember to invite everybody? Can I give them enough notice once the appts are made?
6- Can I stay focused on other things I need to do in the next 12 days? (probably not)
7- I'm sure I'm forgetting something
8- Oh yeah, I actually have to MAKE the appointment :)

Non temple things this week:

1- Put up Halloween decorations
2- Scentsy party for my sister tomorrow night
3- Avon orders due on Wednesday
4- Try to focus and remember to breathe!
5- Prepare for Bunco at my house for Friday night
6- More that I'm probably not remembering at this point

I am way too excited.. well not really you can't be too excited about stuff like this. I am just so thrilled. It's like I get to remarry my husband only better. I feel like this is a chance for us to start over in a way. Leave all the bad stuff behind and have a better happier marriage. We have already started that process though. Obviously we don't have a bad unhappy marriage or we wouldn't be here now. There's just some stuff in the past that we're happy to leave in the past. Anyway we've always talked about renewing our vows. This is 10 times better!

John and I were talking about it all yesterday. Our kids are very lucky to be a part of this. To be old enough to take it all in and experience the temple with us. It will be very memorable for all of us. Speaking of the kids, Jessica keeps reminding me at least once a day that she likes the temple. The other day she told me, "Mom the temple is cool it is not boring." I am now remembering that a few months ago she said the same thing about church, lol.
She also said "Mom is Jesus happy about what I said that about the temple?" I said "Yes he is very happy." Yesterday her older brother was picking on her.. she said "Jeremy, Jesus does not want you to do that.. Jesus, please tell him to stop."


  1. When Kevin and I got sealed a year after we were married, I just wore the temple dress I had bought. I figured then it would have special memories every time I did a session in it. Your wedding dress would need to be long sleeved to wear for the sealing.

  2. Well when I was researching temple marriages, I heard that you could wear your wedding dress and you could get inserts if it was low cut or short sleeved. Either way mine is just 1/4 inch too tight in the upper area, so new dress for me! :) You're right, it will be a new dress for new memories.

  3. Yes, you are right, you can do that with the sleeves. :)

  4. Going to look for a new dress tomorrow with my mom.

  5. You will be beautiful no matter what you wear and it will be special.

  6. Thanks Kathie. I got 2 dresses and I am happy with what I found.


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