Sunday, September 27, 2009

Full Speed Ahead

So we've been on the fast course to the temple. We started seriously going back to church early Spring. John received the Aaronic Priesthood (became a Priest) in July and then was able to baptize our oldest kids. We started our temple classes/lessons in August I believe. We were told to go ahead and get the appointment with the temple recently. The bishop wasn't sure if they'd be open on October 3rd when we originally wanted to go through. So I called about 2 weeks ago. I found out that the temple was indeed closed for conference that day. Ok so let's see about October 10h. They are open, ok nice sweet lady goes through a list of questions, I ask her a few questions, etc. Then she asks me if my husband has received the melchezadik priesthood. No not yet. Ok she says sweetly, just call us back when he has and we'll get your appointment set up. Not too frustrating, it all makes sense, we just don't want to wait until the last minute to get an appointment. We've got a few things to get before hand, so the next 2 weeks will be frantic indeed, but in the best way possible!

So now we've finished with our temple classes and next step is John becoming an Elder and receiving the melchezadik priesthood. Our good friend helped us get a last minute interview to set it all up. So this morning I get a call to come in and have John meet with the stake president. Great! Our church starts at 1:00 PM. We head over to the stake center and have a 10:30 AM appointment. Well really John had the appointment. They then bring me in and happily inform me that my husband is worthy and can now be ordained an Elder. Yay! Now we need to have an interview with the bishop and stake president to get our temple recommends. We are told that John will probably be ordained the 11th of October and then we're good to go with getting interviewed and going to the temple.. Ah yes, but we were hoping to go to the temple on October 10th. Ok, then let's see if we can get it all done today. We'll get him ordained today and if you can get an interview with the bishop before sacrament, then we can do your other interview sometime after. Woohoo, full speed ahead! So we run over to our church house hoping to squeeze in an interview with the bishop. We are able to get that done around 11:45 AM. John was ordained about 2:30 PM and our final appointment with the stake president was about 2:50 PM. That's a lot in one day. :)

It all happened very fast and rather smooth I must say. My husband is now an Elder and we have our temple recommends. It is a bit surreal and rather exciting!
Oh one thing I didn't expect... in the middle of the interview the stake president asked us to do 2 things for him. For me I was to only wear 1 set of earrings from here on out (I have 3 sets now) and John was to be clean shaven. (he had a little patch on his chin) No problem. He's used to being clean shave after 10 years in the military and I do not mind taking out my extra earrings. Today my marriage extension has been approved.(we also get to keep the kids a little bit longer) What more could I ask for?


  1. You know, Jill, a lot of people (well, maybe not a lot, but too many) get requests like those from the stake president or bishop and instead of immediately obeying, they question why. Funny how they let such tiny things get in the way of such huge blessings that are available for being obedient. Elaine and I are so proud of you and what you are doing. Sorry we can't be there, but we'll be thinking about you!


  2. You're right. We didn't even hesitate though, we're just in that mode. No questions asked. What we are getting in return is so huge, why fuss about little things like that?




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