Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Searching for white...and another anniversary to celebrate

What a day. We met my mom around 11:00 am to look for temple clothing, etc. We got there a bit before her and it was a bit overwhelming. John and I just looked at each other and at about the same time, said "I don't even know where to begin." Luckily they have people working there to help with that. :)

A nice lady started showing John the Men's clothing and then led me to the dresses. She showed me the "petite" section. Aw, she noticed my short legs.. Petite should be a compliment, but I realized for me, it just means I'm short and fat. Dang it! As I started looking at dresses, my mom arrived. I found 2 dresses I liked. One, of them matched the dress we were going to get for my youngest daughter. I couldn't decide. The first one I chose had sunflowers on it, the second had roses. One was slightly more flattering, but the other was more of what I was looking for which was to look somewhat like a wedding dress. I decided to get them both. We get 1/2 off for our first time buying temple clothing and I figured I'd have a dress to wear next time.. which means I now have to go at LEAST a 2nd time.. :) See how that works? lol

I started looking at everything else.. but couldn't stay focused. I needed to look at shoes, I needed a smaller slip, one of the dresses had a messed up zipper, put that one back, picked up another, it had a small stain on it... I was getting a bit of anxiety. But it was all in a good way. I found the 2 dresses I wanted without stains or broken zippers, I couldn't decide on shoes. I found some darling white Mary Janes, but no sizes to fit me just right. I wanted slippers, but no luck on the sized there either.

The dress we found for our daughter was not the right size. So the helpful lady called another location for the slip, dress and slippers. I believe my mom picked them up for us tonight.

OH, that's another thing.. we forgot our temple recommend. I was sick to my stomach! We were 45 minutes away from home, we couldn't just hurry home and get it. Especially not in the rain! Luckily we were able to buy everything with my mom's recommend, no problem. Phew!

We picked out our garments- 2 pair to try for now and then we'll go back when we decide just which kind we prefer. At the checkout I luckily remembered another thing that we needed for the temple... our packet of accessories.

It took us 2 hours, but what a thrill. I then had to go find a plain white bra.

I hope that we don't forget anything and that it all goes as smoothly as possible. I can be quite chaotic at times.

Tomorrow is October 1st. 15 years ago John and I went on our 1st date to Homecoming at Alta High School. Wow! We went as friends and returned as best friends, falling in love, just like in my dream. I'll save that for another post. Goodnight!

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