Monday, March 11, 2013

The Truth about Surrogacy & Beta Update

The truth about surrogacy-

It's not easy! It's not all fun and games. You need to know all the possibilities before you get into it.

You may go through things that you've never been through before or that you never even realized were possible. Be prepared for the good and the bad.

There may be hard choices to make. What you may go through is nothing compared to what the Intended Parents have been through and go through.

It can still be very rewarding. Do your research, talk to other surrogates.

Even though there are some hard things we might go through, it's usually not like the horror stories that the news, tv and movies show. Those surrogates were uninformed or were doing it for the wrong reasons or trusted a crappy agency.  Or they had issues and shouldn't have been a surrogate.

I head things all the time about surrogacy in the news. Unfortunately they rarely focus on the sweet, heart warming stories that is what makes surrogacy so beautiful. They often leave out important facts. There us usually so much more to the story.

I've had many wonderful adventures in surrogacy. I've had a few rough times and right now is one of them. However, I know it doesn't always work the first time and I know it's not always easy.
Beta update-
Beta went from 53.5 to 45 to 42. Dr. called yesterday to say it's a chemical pregnancy and to stop meds. I'm hoping the next step is to try again.

It took two times to get pregnant with the twins.

I feel bad because we all got excited over all the positive pregnancy tests.


  1. I am so sorry! My heart aches for you, but also for your IP's. I too hope there will be a second time and that all will go well.

  2. Hoping next time is THE time for you all!

  3. so sorry to hear this is a chemical. chin up!

  4. I'm so sorry. Best wishes for moving forward. <3

  5. ops thing thing looking harsh to me. I hope some good things happen in the future.
    Thank's & Regard's
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